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Saturday, March 03, 2007

I saw my brother Randy this afternoon at the University of Denver Voices of Experience lecture.

Steffie Allen spoke about the changes facing corporate leaders as they adjust to changes in the workforces that they lead. She challenged leadership that still believes they can lead in ways that worked in the past and are not prepared for the “new crew.” Steffie presented a thought provoking model of leadership, a framework for leading ethically and authentically, creating real relationships and community and serving as public stewards.

"There is no model for leadership, only principles," she said. "#1 Build and sustain community; #2 Unite people to take action towards a clear and inspiring vision; #3 Demonstrate and inspire citizenship and stewardship; #4 Lead with wisdom from head, heart and gut; and #5 Demand alignment of busines goals and practices with ethics and values." She said these principles were designed to overcome selfishness.

I asked her what she thought of Adam Smith's concept that our free market economy allowed us each to be of service through our self interest. "I have no problem with our free market economy, but it is not enough. We each need a moral system and that's what these principles address." Here's what The Clarion, the DU Student newspaper, had to say about the talk.

Chairman of Woman's Vision discusses leadership traits - News

Eric Hoffer has told us that when we stop believing in God, we'll replace that belief with some form of fanaticism. Where is God in her leadership principles?
"Yes each person needs a personal set of values. The organization needs to recognize that all spiritual paths have value, the test is are they making you a better person? God belongs, however you envision her." (laughter)

Allen formed The AthenA Group in 1989. Athena provides leadership development for corporations locally—and globally. In 1997, she launched Women’s Vision Foundation (50lC3), the only organization in Colorado dedicated exclusively to leadership development for advancing women in corporations. She won the 1988 Dan Ritchie Colorado Ethics in Business award from the University of Denver, served for 20 years on the board of directors of HealthONE, and established and chaired its Ethics and Human Values Committee. Ms. Allen is a 2006 inductee into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame.

In the evening I reconnected with my old friend Karl Rove, who spoke at the State GOP dinner at the Marriott South. I was State Chair of College Republicans in 1974-5 when Karl was National Chair, he and I did seminars around the country to help new College Republican clubs get started, and we had the National CR Convetion in Denver that Spring.

Now Karl is the Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush, and he gave a very rousing speech about what the President is doing to try to continue the economic recovery in face of the opposition from the new Democrat majority, and what needs to be done to win in Iraq.


  1. John,

    It's so true that we need a compass directing our actions. In today's business and society, it is easy to get off track. I find that the Golden Rule, to treat others as you yourself want to be treated, can make a huge difference. Thank God for people who fight the good fight and help all of us stay encouraged.

  2. Who encouraged you to follow the Golden Rule, Jennifer?


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