Thursday, March 01, 2007

I just sent this letter to Denver newspapers:

March 7th the ballot will be set for the May Denver elections. It appears there is a connspiracy of the incumbents and the media to keep this important fact secret.

Where are the articles now about who has filed to run, and deadlines for others who might be interested? Why haven't the newspapers reported the poor job being done by the Denver Election Commissions posting this information on their website?

Our Optimist Club invited a City Council Person speak yesterday who is running for reelection. Not one word was said in the 1/2 hour talk about the election and her position on issues. "We get along with the Mayor, and that's the way people like it," she said as she put on her coat to leave immediately after her talk.

Most people I talk with are unhappy with the Mayor and the City Council for their performance with snow removal, the lack of progress with the new Justice Center, the mishandling of the homeless and immigration problems in Denver, etc. There will be great interest in the May elections, I'm sure.

If we end up with a ballot in May with few good choices, the primary blame will be with the poor job that's been done by Denver newspapers.

John Wren, President
Denver South Optimists Club
960 Grant Street #727
Denver, CO 80203

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