Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Because this is extremely difficult mentally to get here and to turn around and start all over again, I use a strategy," he said. "I call them micro-goals. OK, I'm going to hike, walk to that tree and when I reach that tree, I spot another object. Ok, I'm going to walk to that rock. Then OK, I spot something else, I'm walking to that ridge top. And if you do that over and over and over again, for months, pretty soon you've walked over 5,000 miles." Interview on CBS Sunday Morning today with Scott Williamson who hiked 5,310 miles from Mexico to Canada and back, traversing the Pacific Crest Trail, the West Coast cousin of the shorter, more famous Appalachian Trail in the east.

"The trail's over 2,500 miles long, but it's only about a foot and a half wide," he said. "So it's a very small community of people who know about me."

He started his hike at the Mexican border May 22, 2006 and went 191 days — more than six million steps, wearing out 13 pair of shoes.

Out on a walk just now, I've made a decision precipitated by the above interview with Scott. Following 50+ years of experimenting with and reading about exercise programs and time management, I’m going to 1) forget about trying to start running again, which I’ve been toying with, and rededicate myself to regular walking. And 2) I’m going to really get serious about my LOGoS, and see Steps in the action-intention model as micro-goals, using #1 right now for me:
Franklin Circles Worldwide/ Form Small Business Chamber Board/ Form Franklin Circle with Each Board Member

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