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Thursday, December 27, 2007

(If you just looked at my new video to the left (on, it talks about yesterday’s posting here. I got a late start yesterday, the sun isn’t up yet! Guess I’ll change the welcoming video to date-neutral… after the sun comes up! John)

On this day in: 1904 - James Barrie's play Peter Pan premieres in London. 1932 - The Radio City Music Hall in New York City opens. 1947 - Howdy Doody, a children's television program, makes its debut on the National Broadcasting Company. 1968 - The long-running radio program The Breakfast Club signs off for the last time (ABC radio). 1979 - The Soviet Union seizes control of Afghanistan.

It's the birthday of novelist Wilfrid Sheed, who wrote My Life As a Fan (1993), about his love of baseball, and In Love with Daylight: A Memoir of Recovery (1995). He once said, "The American male doesn't mature until he has exhausted all other possibilities."

Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee is pursuing legislation to make clear that it is not against federal law for an employer to require employees to speak English on the job. Sen. Alexander’s was prompted by a lawsuit filed in April by the EEOC against the Salvation Army for allegedly discriminating against two of the Army's employees in a Framingham, Ma., thrift store for requiring them to speak English on the job. The Salvation Army in Massachusetts clearly posted the rule, and the employees were given a year to learn. There were 200 similar lawsuits filed by the EEOC in 2006.

Entrepreneur Magazine has identified the organizing and facilitation of peer support groups as a growing trend and one of the top hot businesses to start.

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