Saturday, December 29, 2007

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On this day in: 1845 - Texas is admitted as the 28th U.S. state.
1851 - The first American YMCA opens in Boston, Massachusetts. 1934 - The first college basketball game at New York City's Madison Square Garden is played between the University of Notre Dame and New York University.

The Rocky Mountain News finally mentions our Colorado Caucus in today’s edition, a sidebar to the indepth coverage they have been giving us of the Iowa Caucus. Let’s hope they follow this up with more between now and February 5.

The Rocky finished a 3-part series on the Iowa Caucus today. You can finally find it on the Online Edition front page. I posted this comment:

"This is the way representative government is supposed to work."

I certainly agree.

But we need to improve the process here with our Colorado Caucus.

We say we Saved the Caucus when Amendment 29 was defeated in 2002, but it won't really be saved until it gets adequate media coverage, which has clearly not been the case for the last couple of decades.

Next week after the Iowa Caucus, will you come back and give this same kind of coverage to our wonderful Colorado Caucus? And will you or someone from the Rocky join us at the new Denver Grassroots Rally to tell us more about Iowa and the lessons we could learn from it for February 5? RSVP at

At this meeting we'll be giving recognition to the best pre-December 5 (the critically important deadline for affiliating with a party to be eligable to vote February 5) coverage of the Colorado Caucus, and announcing a similar contest for pre-February 5 coverage.

News Tip: the winner of the pre-December 5 coverage contest will be the one newspaper in Colorado that gave the deadline a front page headline. If the story was that important, why was it given so little attention in Denver? I'll give you my opinion at our Jan 4 Denver Grassroots Rally next Friday. Join us and tell us what you think! Just show up, or RSVP at

Also in the Rocky today, a great idea from Dave Kopel to localize a new Google service that allows people who are quoted, or misquoted, in a newspaper article to immediately respond. Another way to elaborate on or correct misquotes? Our new Denver Grassroots Rally, which I explain in my comment to Dave’s article. What do you think? Post your comment at:

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