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Friday, June 06, 2008

It’s the birthday of Donald F. Duncan, Sr. (June 6, 1892 - May 15, 1971) often miscredited with invention of the yo-yo. In fact, he never even held a patent on the toy, although the name Yo-yo was a trademark of his company until 1965. He did invent the parking meter and founded a parking meter company which is still active, and he is credited with being the founder of incentive marketing.

On this day in 1933 - The first drive-in theater opened, in Camden, New Jersey, United States. The previous year we had the first gasoline tax.

I just posted this as my comment on a very interesting column in the Denver Post this morning about the sudden increase in civic participation we've seen in the last year or so:

Article Discussion: The populist uprising
by JohnSWren on 7:39 am, Fri Jun 06

Thomas Jefferson said the strength of our system of government is that it allows a bloodless revolution every 20 years or so.

Right now we face a choice: Change for the better, or chaos.

If you'd like to see change for the better, we'd like to hear from you this Sunday (June 8th), 4 p.m., at Denver Civic Center, North Pavillion on Colfax across from the Denver Newspaper Agency. RSVP and get on the speakers list early, or just show up and get on the list at the meeting or just listen to what others have to share.

We'll video the first hour and put it up on Google Video, just like we did for our first meeting last month. Denver City Audior Dennis Gallagher has agreed to MC this meeting.

After the groundswell February 5, there is an unusual opportunity for new political leaders to emerge in both major political parties.

Please help us by forwarding this along to your friends who might be interested, OK?

For more information and optional RSVP see


What do you think? Is there an opportunity for us to get back to what the founders had in mind? Take a look at the Denver Post article, and then post your comment there, OK? Go to

Pass this along to any of your friends who might be interested, and then join us yourself Sunday for what we hope becomes a new Denver institution for amplifying the voice of the common person, the true grassroots that has served this country so well in the past.

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  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    A man by the name of Magee invented the parking meter not Duncan. Duncan is the brand name of a parking meter manufacturer.


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