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Monday, July 28, 2008

God sows small seeds and lets them grow at their own pace. God does not look for the maturity of an adult from a teenager, nor the wisdom of the elderly from the younger. The seed is put into deep soil, soil which is the product of others’ work. We depend on each other for growth in faith and in prayer, and we find that God ‘grows’ us in the soil of love, mercy, compassion and friendship.
Sacred Space Daily Meditation

If the IDEA Cafe and Franklin Circles that I'm trying to start are truly what God wants they will grow. If they are just an extension of my ego, they will die.

Sam Newton, my dad's business partner, passed on last week and there is a memorial service tomorrow. The business he and my dad started is gone. What Joseph Schumpeter called "creative destruction" brings nearly all businesses to an end eventually. Not so with what God creates, whether it is a marriage or an organization.

Is the work you and I are doing today God's work?

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  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    It is easy to forget that we are a part of something larger than our individual selves. It is helpful to be reminded that there is something larger, and that we should recognize that fact prior to making choices that affect others.


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