Sunday, July 20, 2008

Need a boost? An inspiration?

Read Susan Greene’s column today. It starts:

This is a story about devotion.

It involves two neighbors and the man who has lived out of their backyards for the better part of 30 years.

Wow. What a great column. Mystical.

Does it bring tears to your eyes as it does mine?

What if Denver took this column as the start of a change in attitude toward our homeless population?

I really would be interested in your comments on this. Post them at the end of Susan Greene’s column, OK?

I’m going to share Greene’s column and your comments at the Denver IDEA CafĂ© next Friday and then offer this as a brainstorming topic: “In what ways can we each connect with the homeless in Denver?” (To join us, RSVP using the link to the left here on this page.)

The mayor’s daisies didn’t sprout, could we turn the way we connect with our homeless into a source of pride instead of shame? Could that become the positive symbol for Denver at the DNC convention in August?

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