Thursday, October 08, 2009

  1. We have a great speaker tomorrow (Friday, Oct 9) at the Denver IDEA Cafe. Wendy Norris is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced journalists in the country regarding new media. If you or someone you know wants to turn your talent for writing and reporting into a business, join us!
  2. Have you thought about starting a peer advisory or master mind group with your friends and business associates? Join us any Friday for the Franklin Circle Denver Open group. You'll get enough information at the first meeting to start your own group over the weekend, or meet with us each Friday until you get your own group started. More info and RSVP at
  3. I'm meeting with Scott Heiferman, the founder of tonight (Thursday, Oct 8). Watch for improvements in my groups as a result of our meeting!
  4. Rocky Mountain Inventors Association  has asked me to be their Executive Director. If you already have experience with the group, or if you'd like to become involved, please contact me.
  5. It is possible that my work with RMIA (see #4 above) will result in me discontinuing my consulting practice. But for now, I'm still available to be of assistance to you as you start in a new direction with your career or business. If you might like help, contact me. But please, do it now. I'd hate for us to miss this opportunity. And I need the money! or (303)861-1447

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