Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm going to start training leaders for the IDEA Cafe and Franklin Circles, and then helping them start groups with local chambers across the state. If you or someone you know might be interested, contact me right away.

I recently made this release to the media about what we are planning to do to spread the IDEA Cafe startup workshop and Franklin Circle approach to startup:


March 1, 2010

For more contact:
John Wren, cell (720)495-4949


Free help for people starting in a new direction with their work across Colorado and beyond.

DENVER--The Small Business Chamber of Commerce’s Community Room College announced today “Project Startup”, a certificate program for CPAs, business consultants, adult educators, and others who would like to become leaders for IDEA Café startup workshops and Franklin Circle peer advisory groups.
Making the announcement, John Wren, founder of the new, free Small Business Chamber said, “Our purpose is to strengthen the grassroots in business and politics. This new “Project Startup” is an effort to recruit, train, and certify small group leaders to spread good information about career, project, campaign, and new business startup across Colorado and beyond.

“The immediate goals are: 1) to have an IDEA Café type startup workshop in every local chamber across Colorado, and 2) for there to be a Franklin Circle type group in every neighborhood by the 2012 Colorado Caucuses to help bring more good candidates and political leaders into both major political parties,” said Wren.

Since 1994, Wren has led what is now called the Denver IDEA Café. It meets each Friday afternoon from 2 to 3:30 pm at Panera Bread, 13th & Grant. The meeting is free and open to anyone who is starting in a new direction with their career, starting a new project or campaign, or starting a new business. For more information and an optional RSVP, see or call (303)861-1447

In 1727, Ben Franklin started a self-directed learning group in Philadelphia, and in 1996 Wren used Franklin’s original group as a model to start the first Franklin Circle in Denver. A free information meeting is now held each Friday afternoon for people who are interested in adult self-directed learning, and a certificate for leaders is available. For more and an optional RSVP, see

John S. Wren, MBA+ attended Cornell College and the University of Denver, BA’69, MBA’78, and he has studied adult education at Regis University. He is the founder of the new, free Small Business Chamber of Commerce For more about Wren see or contact him at or (303)861-1447.

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