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Saturday, March 12, 2011

6 things I'd like to discuss with you: (Your feedback as a comment here would be much appreciated):

1.  We had a great meeting yesterday at the Denver IDEA Cafe.

My friend Roger Grandy shared about his experience growing up in Chicago, starting his career, and how he found the job he has now, 34 years later. Roger was out of work and really needed a job 34 years ago. He'd gone through some big personal problems, and was doing some temporary work at the Denver Merchandise Mart. He was told to not hang up a sign for one booth, they had just lost their rep. He contacted the company, and got the job on the strength of his contact at the Merchandise Mart, and he's still working for the same company all these years later, today part-time in semi-retirement. 

We waived the usual confidentiality request because Robert Schwab was with us. He's for former editor of the Colorado Business Magazine, and I think you'll see him write something about yesterday's meeting on his blog, he took the time to get the correct spelling of the names of people attending.

2.  Want me to sing you a song? Did you see the videos I made for my twin grandsons and posted on my Facebook Wall last week? It was their 3rd birthday March 10. Doing the videos for them has inspired me to start thinking about ways to use video here on this site. Watch for a surprise Monday morning. I'm not sure yet whether I'll include singing here.

3. Community Room College announcement Monday:  I'm changing what we are doing at Community Room College each Friday, right after the Denver IDEA Cafe. What for an announcement next week.

4.  New IDEA Cafe meetings: One of the reasons for the change in Community Room College is that I'm getting lots of interest from people who are interested in starting an IDEA Cafe in cooperation with their local chamber of commerce. I'm in active communications with people who are interested in starting an IDEA Cafe for Denver Five Points, Evergreen, Summit County, Boulder and The Hispanic Chamber.

5.  Next Friday there will be two IDEA Cafes Friday afternoon, the one I facilitate at Panera Bread, 13th & Grant, and the new South Denver IDEA Cafe that Richard Oppenheim and Ken Wyble are facilitating at Koelbel Library, Holly & Orchard. Both will be at 2 p.m. You can get more info about them both on our site, while you're there please answer the poll questions I've posted about how you'd prefer to get information from me.

6.  Hope you have a great weekend, and check back here about noon or so Monday to take a look at my new video. If I sing, what would be the best song... :)


  1. As you can see in the video to the left, no song this week. Do you think I should sing next week? If so, what song. :)

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