Friday, October 18, 2013

Grassroots Friday

I'm going to start focusing on grassroots politics each Friday. In my opinion, if you are starting a new business, getting involved one way or the other with the grassroots is one of the most powerful networking activities you can undertake. You do well by doing good.

This is educational, not political. I'm not going to take positions on issues or candidates, as is the policy of our Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. 

A blog I started is broadening it's educational scope to include the major power tools for the common man who want to just use the political process as a way to connect with movers and shakers, and especially who is open to the day of one day serving in elected public office or helping other good people get elected. See  

I'll be broadcasting soon, you can watch here or on YouTube Live Broadcasts or Google+ Live Hangouts. Your questions are always welcome. Post them here as a comment or call The Startup Line (303)861-1447.

Normally, I'd be embedding our broadcast here right now, you can see how that's worked for the last few days. Now, with no notice, Google has changed, broadcasts will only be able to be seen on our Google+ site (link below) or our YouTube Channel.

To see the show live momentarily or a recording once the broadcast has ended, go to

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