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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

It will get better. And it had better!

Our 2nd daily broadcast of The Startup Show took place just now. Not at all what it will be when we get rolling, hopefully tomorrow. You can help us by finding new businesses that are opening, tweet a link to their URL using #NewBizStartToday. Doesn't have to start today, can have been open a little while, or could be about to open.

We'll be inviting people to do a SPECIAL EDITION of The Startup Show to tell us how their career started or how a project or campaign or new business started. We'll also have SPECIAL EDITION shows with Small Business Chamber SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) we are planning on doing our first on event management, and I'm hoping it helps me get the cats headed in one direction. :-)

Thanks for your support in this effort. There is a lot going on, I'll be telling you here opportunities to learn in an academic setting for hundreds, thousands of dollars, also some of our no-cost opportunities.

Thanks you for your support in our effort to make sure the entrepreneurial spirit of America does not die, that our grand kids have the same opportunity to start a business as did our fathers and mothers and our grand parents.

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