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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Only $1.50 right now, and that's guaranteed.

We'll be taking a new direction with the Small Business Chamber of Commerce in 2014. Media release will be made Thursday. In the mean time, you can get a hint by checking out our See  site, where we are doing something very unusual.

For many reasons, we are going to start charging a monthly membership fee. If you are the first paid member it will only cost $1.50. Then $2.50 for the second membership, $3.50 for #3, etc. And the small fee is guaranteed, your money back if you are not satisfied for the first 30 days.

I'll be knocking myself out to delight these first few paid members. Check it out, if it looks like it might be helpful to you, give it a try, ok? See 

John Wren
Founder & CEO, Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc
IDEA Salons & Cafes * The Startup Show * Consulting & Coaching.

Consulting & Coaching practice limited to startups: 1) individuals starting
a new career, project or campaign, or new business; and 2) corporations, chambers of commerce, service clubs and other groups who want to encourage employee or member creativity that leads to inspired action-- reactivate inactive customers/members; new customers/members; introduce new products/services to existing customers; collect past due accounts. Ask me to speak at your next event. Free or negotiated price invoiced in advance.

For more see or call (303)861-1447

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