Sunday, December 08, 2013

When the Bell Telephone System was broken up, in my opinion most of us didn't think fast or slow, we were just led by the nose to those in contol, some who ended up in jail.

Thinking, Fast and Slow is book I wish I'd read a year ago when it first came out.

Seems to me it's directly relevant to how ideas, usually the result of fast thinking, in my experience, actually get started, which involves lots and lots of slow thinking.

IDEA is the acronym for the four-step creativity model I've been using for decades since one of my former professors at the University of Denver and myself developed it when I was working for Mountain Bell, which became US West, eventually what we have now, Century Link, back then we were the local operating company for the Bell Telephone System which was broken up.

Back then most of us paid a very small amount of money for local telephone service, and it was predicted that long distance would soon be free.

Some of those who pushed the breakup went to jail, or should have, now telephone service costs an arm and a leg. Clearly phone service was and is a natural monopoly and should be regulated. Will we ever have political leadership who has the guts to take on putting the genie back it the bottle?

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