Saturday, April 20, 2013

Join us for Faith Sharing 6 pm Saturdays

Denver Loyola Church, 5 pm Mass each Saturday, then our Faith Sharing group at 6 pm. Topic today, why did Jesus call himself the Good Shepard and not the Good Carpenter

Friday, April 19, 2013

More and more ignorant politicians, professors, and people who just don't understand the history of America and what's lead to so much prosperity for so many are blaming the salesman for our current economic problems when just the opposite is true. If this was on the wall of every startup in America, business failure rate would be cut to nil. I just posted this on our Small Business Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page:

I Am A Salesman. I Built America.
Author Unknown

I am proud to be a salesman, because more than any other man, I and millions of others like me, built America.

The man who builds a better mouse trap — or a better anything— would starve to death if he waited for people to beat a pathway to his door. Regardless of how good or how needed the product or service might be, it has to be sold.

Eli Whitney was laughed at when he showed his cotton gin. Edison had to install his electric light free of charge in an office building before anyone would even look at it. The first sewing machine was smashed to pieces by a Boston mob. People scoffed at the idea of railroads. They thought that traveling even thirty miles an hour would stop the circulation of the blood! McCormick strived for 14 years to get people to use his reaper. Westinghouse was considered a fool for stating he could stop a train with wind. Morse had to plead before 10 Congresses before they would even look at his telegraph.

The public didn't go around demanding these things; they had to be sold!!

They needed thousands of salesmen, trailblazers and pioneers - people who could persuade with the same effectiveness as the inventor could invent. Salesmen took these inventions, sold the public on what these products could do, taught customers how to use them, and then taught businessmen how to make a profit from them.

As a salesman, I've done more to make America what it is today than any other person you know. I was just as vital in your great-great-grandfather's day as I am in yours, and I will be just as vital in your great-great-grandson's day. I have educated more people, created more jobs, taken more drudgery from the laborer's work, given more profits to businessmen, and have given more people a fuller and richer life than anyone in history. I've dragged prices down, pushed quality up, and made it possible for you to enjoy the comforts and luxuries of automobiles, radios, electric refrigerators, televisions, and air conditioned homes and buildings. I've healed the sick, given security to the aged, and put thousands of young men and women through college. I've made it possible for inventors to invent, for factories to hum, and for ships to sail the seven seas.

How much money you find in your pay envelope next week, and whether in the future you will enjoy the luxuries of prefabricated homes, stratospheric flying of airplanes, and new world of jet propulsion and atomic power, depends on me. The loaf of bread you bought today was on a baker's shelf because I made sure that a farmer's wheat got to a mill, that the mill made wheat into flour, and that the flour was delivered to your baker.

Without me, the wheels of industry would come to a grinding halt. And with that, jobs, marriages, politics and freedom of thought would be a thing of the past. I AM A SALESMAN and I'm proud and grateful that as such, I serve my family, my fellow man and my country.

From Zig Ziglar, The Secrets of Closing Sales.
Thanks Zig, RIP. We'll see you at the top!

John S Wren, MBA+
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How can we not fall into arrogance when sharing the truth?

"God opposes the proud, even when they are right."


Still working on announcement. What shall we do? Hopefully tomorrow. Education across Colorado, using the power of self-directed, self-governing learning groups. Business. Civic participation. Should we also include sex education along these lines:

A few friends are having lunch with me tomorrow, I hope to have a media release to share with them before it's distributed to the media in the afternoon. If you might be willing to join us, please give me a call at (303)861-1447. If you get voice mail, leave a message and I'll get back to you for sure today (Wednesday) or first thing in the morning. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Big news? Preview Monday on The Startup Show.

By next Thursday we should finally be ready to announce our plans, what we are going to do next with

Get a preview Monday on The Startup Show. We'll bounce the idea off our guest Ken Wyble and announce to the world the top vote getters in our "favorite chamber" poll.

One way or the other, I hope to talk with you soon.

John S Wren
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