Monday, March 03, 2014

IDEA Cafe in old Rocky Mtn News.

Item in old  Rocky Mountain News. We are still doing it, Friday afternoons at Panera Bread, 13th & Grant and elsewhere, now Tina Griego wrote in part:

Desperation leads to innovation. Courage is found when complacency is no longer an option. 

This makes the IDEA Cafe a perfect place for the present day. It is the search for, the grabbing of that "aha! moment" that lead John Wren, a business consultant and adult educator, to start the cafe more than a decade ago. It is neither a networking nor advice-dispensing meeting. It is a free gathering, largely of entrepreneurs, but also of people who "are just stuck." 

The group brainstorms business or project ideas, and Wren invites speakers, usually those who have successfully started their own businesses, to talk about their experiences.

"This is a gathering of people who have made that transition meeting with those who seek to," he says. 

We are not in the worst of times in Colorado… But we are not in the peak of economic health, either, and what is historically true is that bad times open doors to good ideas. 

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