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Sunday, August 10, 2014

The gaze.


"Like any true mirror, the gaze of God receives us exactly as we are, without judgment or distortion, subtraction or addition."

My mother is very ill.

Yesterday from her hospital bed  she put her had on my right cheek and gazed into my eyes and I felt blessed.

November 15, 1979 my dad passed on, just 10 years after selling the business we'd been building for 20 years  after moving to Colorado from Texas.

The day before rom his hospital bed in the same hospital, too weak for words pop had given me a final hug.

Thank-you God for the gift of their lives together, the gift my life you've given through them, and through me and Janet to our four children and grand children.

Strengthen us all now by your real presence, your hug, my we all feel your hand on our cheek, your gaze into our eyes, strength to share with others this day forever more.

Thank you God, thank you mom and pop, and thank you who is reading this and we share this eternal moment. Please pray for my mom, and please pray for me to be able to be a channel of God's love, peace, and the certain knowledge that she'll soon have the joy of pop's hug again.

This life is so very short, don't wait. Now, right now, hear The Call, "come!" Let's start! 

It's only too late if we don't start now, trusting that the little we can do, with God's help, is enough.

God bless you and your Journey.+++ 


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