Saturday, November 04, 2017

Let's talk! Soon!

I'm trying something new.

Come to this page rather than telephoning me. You set the time, I'll call you back. This way you will never have to deal with waiting or voice mail. Try it, you'll like it! (If you don't please let me know that with your comment below. This is a 14-day trial.) Thanks!

Next week I'd very much like to talk with you about being a participant in a test panel of our new SBCC Method: Recover, Imagine, Think, and Learn; to Start, Grow, and Flourish. For more about the method see

Please schedule a 15 minute appointment for next week, ok? Or attend one of our free meetings next week, rsvp at or Either way I look forward to talking with you.

Schedule your appointment for next week now, while it is on your mind. We will email you a reminder, you can always change it later, and I will call you at the time you have scheduled.



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