Monday, May 21, 2018

Want to make this your startup week?

Do you want to start a new career? A new project or campaign? A new business? This life is short, start now! Here's how I can help you:

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

John S Wren: This woman deserves our help!

John S Wren: This woman deserves our help!: When Saira Rao decided to run for Congress, she vowed she wouldn’t accept any political action committee donations.  Instead, she deci...

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Sick of politics as usual?!

Saira Rao

5-2-18__When Saira Rao decided to run for Congress, she vowed she wouldn’t accept any political action committee donations.

Instead, she decided to raise money the old-fashioned way. She made a list of everyone she’s ever met. Then she added the names of people who knew her parents before she painstakingly contacted each one by phone, email or text. The effort was worth it.

In the first quarter of this year, she raised more money than DeGette. “The remarkable thing was they came,” Rao said. “They gave. They believe in this need for change, this hunger for change.”

The first challenge was getting on the primary ballot. Now, Rao wants to connect with all the voters in Colorado’s 1st Congressional District. The district of nearly 1 million residents, which includes Denver, Glendale, Englewood, Sheridan and Cherry Hills Village, has 120,000 homes. Rao wants to be able to hire enough people to supplement her volunteer base to knock on all those doors.

Rao, who with a college friend launched In This Together Media, publishes books for young adults and children that feature black, brown, LGBTQ, and immigrant kids as central characters. Just as her company serves an audience who has been ignored, Rao wants to serve constituents who haven’t been heard.

“Some people say we need to take back our country, but people of color never thought we had the country, to begin with,” she said. “We need to take our country and make it equitable, socially, racially, economically.”

Rao chose to run for Congress because she thinks that’s where she can make the biggest difference. “I’m disappointed in our current leaders. They aren’t advocating for the disenfranchised. They are too beholden to corporate interests.”

Diana DeGette
Rao squares off against
DeGette on the
June 26 primary ballot. 
DeGette, was elected in 1997, and touts her experience in Congress and membership on powerful committees as reasons why voters should keep her in office. In her April speech to district delegates, DeGette said if Democrats retake the U.S. House, she will become chairwoman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce oversight subcommittee.

“I just have one thing to say: Imagine me with subpoena power,” she said, pledging to subpoena EPA chief Scott Pruitt, the Denver Post reported.

Although the district is considered safely Democratic, the primary winner faces Casper Stockham, who also challenged DeGette in 2016, in November.

If Rao is able to defeat DeGette, she hopes her campaign shows candidates don’t have to have big money to win. And if she wins, Rao promises she won’t become focused only on raising money for her next race. Her goal is to listen to her constituents first.

Then she'll fight to secure federal housing and transit money and search for better ways than prison to rehabilitate criminals.

Rao said it’s time for American voters to stop electing the same people. Instead, voters should install a new Congress who isn’t beholden to corporate interests. “Voters should defeat anyone who takes PAC money,” she said. For more about Saira click here.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

DU Online Networking.

The University of Denver has launched a new networking platform, Alumnifire, for alumni and students! This tool will allow our nearly 120,000 DU alumni to network with each other 
Alumnifire leverages the networking capabilities of LinkedIn and the robust job bank of Using Alumnifire you can search for connections at your target companies, find jobs and internships, seek career advice, resume reviews, informational interviews, introductions and job shadowing.
To join Alumnifire, please click here: You will be asked to create an account by entering your graduation date (or projected graduation date) and can then elect to sync Alumnifire with your LinkedIn account, or simply enter your email. Join today and get started on expanding your network!