Friday, October 30, 2020

1959 Some Like it Hot.


Once upon a time in Miami Florida…

 This is a photo of my brother Randy, myself, and two other member’s kids at a national business meeting, the Toiletry Merchandisers Association (TMA) annual meeting where we went for a week with our parents. 

Our parents left us at the movie theater to see "Some Like It Hot" which had just come out.

The next time I went to Miami and a business convention was nearly 20 years later with my now ex-wife who insisted on going with me in spite of being in the last month before our daughter Regan was born. The thought of not going never entered my mind, which amazes me now.

The kid on the left became president of the small college in Iowa I attended for two years before returning to Denver to marry and work in Pop’s business full time.

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