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Thursday, May 05, 2022

2nd week of test, can we hear from you? Post suggestion for topic here before 6:30 p.m. meeting. Just had this idea, let's try it today, ok? As I hope you know, Online Socrates Cafe meetings are held each Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and 1st Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Denver Mountain Daylight Time. More info about the Socrates Cafe Society and a link to the platform for that session is posted for those who rsvp. At the start of each meeting we choose a topic, then we share our own ideas and ask each other questions. Here's the new idea: anyone who would like to suggest a topic after they rsvp will be encouraged to do so, perhaps right here as a comment. We will discuss this at tonight's meeting, I hope you'll join us. And if you have a topic you'd like to suggest, please go ahead and post it here now. John Landline (303)861-1447, leave message. Cell (720)495-4949, no messages. ps Please rsvp yes or no each week, ok? www.Meetup.com/Socrates-Cafe-Society

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  1. Topic Suggestion for Online Socrates Cafe: Elon Musk and what he said in Chris Anderson interview, posted on www.COCaucus.org Check it out, post your topic suggestion there, if possible come back here and post it a 2nd time, that will help your topic win, especially if you share this with your online friends.


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