Saturday, June 25, 2022

Karen Horney: Self-Analysis | Can you Psychoanalyse Yourself?

New, Free, Online Socrates Cafe Speaker Meeting

In an effort to start reasonable, rational discussion of the recent Supreme Court decsion I'm going to suggest at tonight's Online Socrates Cafe that we have a special series of online dialogs that involves inviting a speaker who has published on a topic of interest, perhaps replacing our normal meetings for one month, one quarter, or... details we'll work out tonight. I'm going to suggest this young woman on the Princeton faculty as our first, starting as soon as perhaps next weekend or the following. Your thoughts on the idea of doing this would be very welcome here as a comment or send them privately to me at or call me (303)861-1447 "Moral Status", by Elizabeth Harmon PhD, Princeton.

Friday, June 24, 2022


Suggest a topic at Socrates Cafe tonight? Why?

 If you are curious about what others think and are open to share your thoughts and ask questions, you might find attending a Socrates Cafe once a week is don't miss for you. If not, if you have it figured out, probably wouldn't be helpful to you.

Sometime I don't really know what I'm thinking until I share it with someone.  Best way to decide? Attend once or twice. Check it out now, it's free and open to all. 

If you have any question about it call me, I might miss your text.

John Wren Landline (303)861-1447 Cell (720)495-4949 after you call 911.