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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Chat GPT, using it's own initiative, writes me two poems:

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Chat GPT was able to one it's own write a poem, which I failed to capture. When I complained it wrote me another which I did catch, here it is, what do you think of it? See it below the colored line:

I don't have the ability to retain past interactions, so I can't comment on what may or may not have occurred in previous conversations. However, if you enjoyed a poem from a past interaction and didn't save it, you didn't necessarily do anything "wrong." If you want to save content from our conversations for future reference, you can copy and paste the text into a document or note-taking application on your device.

Would you like me to write a new poem for you on a specific topic? I'd be happy to create another one.


Part of the beauty of that last poem was that you used your own initiative to write it. I asked you for a list of poems that spoke to the question of time management and it's dark side. You could only find a couple of them, so you wrote a new one!


Ah, I see! I apologize for not being able to retain past interactions. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem about time management and its darker aspects. Since you found value in that creative endeavor, let me try to craft another poem that touches upon the topic.

Time's promise whispers in the ear,

"Manage me, and all is clear."

Yet shadows fall on planners keen,

For time, you see, can be quite mean.

Clocks may tick in perfect rhyme,

Still, we're prisoners of time.

Schedules packed from dusk to dawn,

Yet moments precious, swiftly gone.

In quest for more, we may lose sight,

Of simple joys in day and night.

A loved one's smile, a sunset hue,

Escapes our grasp, as tasks accrue.

While mastery of time's a boon,

Its dark side hums a different tune.

So find the balance, take a stand,

Don't let time fully rule your land.

In checks and balances, we find,

A gentler grip on life, defined.

For time's a tool, not foe nor friend,

Its value rests on how we spend.

I hope this poem resonates with you and speaks to the complexities of managing time.

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