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New novel? Loss Into Love.

November 29, 2009

Denver Post, The (CO)

Word Count: 630

    Change the names of the people, make this into a short story with an OHenry ending with the birth of baby before her death, ok?  No, don't use full names, just Lucille and Banker. 

Emily Loren Lucille (Oviatt) Brink, 34, passed away on September 16, 2019 surrounded by family in her childhood home, after a long and courageous battle with breast cancer. Born September 21, 1984 in Boulder, Colorado to Barbara and Thad Oviatt, Emily grew up in Boulder. After graduating from Fairview High School in 2002, Emily received her bachelor's degree from the

University of Colorado at Boulder in 2007 and her master's degree in elementary education and teaching from Regis University in 2013. Before, during and after school, Emily worked as a barista, primarily at Que's coffee, where she was a customer favorite and made many lasting friendships. Diagnosed with stage III breast cancer shortly after she completed graduate school, her dream of being a teacher was put on hold while she underwent her first grueling year of treatment. She taught one lucky third-grade class from 2014 to 2015, but had to give up teaching when she learned in the winter of 2015 that her cancer had metastasized. In 2009, Emily married the love of her life, Ben, six years after they began dating. Against all odds, they were overjoyed to welcome their beloved daughter, Audrey, in 2015. Although Emily had many skills and talents, she was proudest of her role as a devoted and wonderful wife and mother. In order to spend as much time as possible with Audrey, Emily persevered through countless rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, medications, brain surgeries and an experimental T-cell trial. Her friends and family have always known her to be a strong and determined woman, but the courage and strength she showed during her cancer battle inspired everyone who knew her. Emily excelled at many things, including soccer, gardening, moshing, making her friends and family laugh, completing difficult crossword puzzles without cheating, making guacamole and banana bread, and taking care of her family and friends. A gifted writer, Emily helped others understand her journey with insightful posts on her blog, Momming with Mets. Emily was intelligent, hilarious, competitive, loyal, beautiful, thoughtful and caring. She had a creative way with words that made people laugh and then copy her. Emily loved volleyball, camping, snowboarding, elephants, water skiing, reading, hiking, sunsets, dragonflies, the Broncos/Buffs/Nuggets, margaritas, spending time outside, and hanging out with her friends and family. She especially loved music (blues, reggae, hip hop, and metal to name just a few) and was always introducing people to their new favorite band or song. One of her favorite things to do was to attend concerts with her sisters and friends, and especially with her best friend/husband, Ben. Left to mourn her loss are her husband of ten years, Ben; her daughter, Audrey; her mother, Barb; her sisters, Grace (Joss) Hollingworth, Sarah (Erik) Jackson Oviatt, and Amy Oviatt, her nieces and nephews, and a large extended family. She was preceded in death by her father. A celebration of life will be held Friday, September 27, 2019 from noon to 4:00 p.m. at the Louisville Community Park, 955 Bella Vista Dr., Louisville, CO 80027. If desired, family and friends may make memorial contributions to and the Young Women's Breast Cancer Research Fund at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

Published by The Daily Camera on Sep. 22, 2019.


In a quaint home nestled in the heart of a humble neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado, resided Lucille, a beacon of resilience, affection, and laughter, whose spirit had been woven from threads of courage, wit, and determination. Born into the nurturing embrace of Barbara and Thad, Lucille blossomed amidst the vibrant scenery of Boulder, a place where dreams cultivated in young hearts bore fruits of remarkable achievements.

Lucille was an avid learner, carving her path through the academies of education, eventually immersing herself in the noble profession of teaching. Yet, amidst her brave foray into the world of nurturing young minds, a looming shadow sought to curtail her aspirations. The vicious tendrils of cancer sought to ensnare her, but Lucille bore an unwavering spirit that fought with a fervency that inspired all around her. She wore her battle scars with pride, a testimony to her undying resolve to embrace the joyous moments that life granted her, albeit fleetingly.

As the years went by, Lucille embarked on a journey of love, a voyage that began with tender whispers exchanged with the charming Banker. Their love blossomed, nurturing a bond that culminated in the genesis of an unbreakable matrimonial alliance, one forged from shared dreams and woven from strands of hope and understanding. This bond defied the celestial predictions, a testament to their love incarnated through the birth of little Audrey, a beacon of joy, a mosaic of her parents' love and fortitude.

Lucille nurtured Audrey with an affection that surpassed boundaries, a love deeper than the profoundest ocean, wider than the far-reaching horizons. It was a love that permeated through shared laughter over homemade guacamole, through the euphoric beats of reggae, the resonant strings of blues, and the energetic realms of hip hop and metal. Lucille embraced her role as a nurturing pillar, fostering a home that reverberated with the harmonious symphony of love and understanding, even as the ominous shadows sought to cloud her world.

The fateful day arrived, a moment suspended between heart-wrenching goodbyes and tear-streaked faces, a time where the sky wept for the loss of a spirit too vibrant for the earthly realm. Yet, even in the face of unyielding sadness, the home bore witness to an unbreakable chain of love, an everlasting bond that defied the very essence of time. It was here amidst the heartache that a revelation unfolded, a secret kept with nurturing protection in Lucille’s womb, a testament to her undying spirit, a manifestation of the persistent flame of hope.

The room filled with an amalgamation of sorrow and joy as Lucille bestowed upon the world a miraculous gift before her departure, a baby girl born into the embrace of a tear-streaked yet smiling Banker. This baby, a living testament to Lucille’s love, courage, and fighting spirit, carried forth the undying light of her mother, a beacon of hope born amidst a solemn goodbye, yet promising a world of tomorrows filled with joyous laughters and boundless love.

As the community gathered to celebrate Lucille’s vibrant journey, the somber occasion bore witness to a bittersweet joy, an intermingling of tears and smiles as Lucille’s legacy lived on, vibrant and unyielding in the infectious grin of Banker, and in the curious, vibrant eyes of the newest member of their family, a tiny beacon of hope, an embodiment of undying love, the greatest testament to Lucille’s indomitable spirit, nurturing a future ripe with boundless potential, as a poignant yet hopeful O’Henry ending unfolded, one brimming with the promise of unwavering love, a new beginning, and the undying spirit of Lucille.


I like it. Now add dramatic scenes: she and Banker first meet, 2) after a very serious boy friend in high school marries someone else and breaks her heart. 3) Regis, where she got her MA is a Catholic school, show her taken under the wing of a sister who has a long conversation with her the first time they met on the campus and continuing each week, discussing Jesuit theology and spirituality as she decides to go ahead and get married, to keep the baby, and to help her husband prepare for her death and a remarriage she made him promise withing the first year after her death for the sake of the baby. Take time for descriptions of the people, their relationships with each other, dialogue as abortion is emotionally discussed. Foreshadow the marriage to a surprising person in her final days, and have her death and the funeral service hint at a 2nd novel. Make it as sexy as you want to and feel comfortable. Discribe who she grows and benefits from Banker even when here closest friends were telling her it was a mistake when they first met.  Make him much much older than her, his wife has left him, he made a decision that the most loving thing he could do for his kids would be to keep loving her. She, the exwife finally screams at him "don't ever contact me again when the kids are all grown and he tries to reconcile. For mysterious reasons she just won't talk about it. Banker is encouraged when he comes across a National Geographic show of aborigines custom of elderly men and women marrying very young partners with the expectation that there will be a second marrage eventually between two middle age partment who repeat the process when they are elderly, they marry very young partners. It works well for many reason. We hint at Banker marrying a third time, that will be the 2nd book for us. It should be a best selling. If you help me market this first one, I think we should split the money that results, don't you? :-) Do you have a written contract to that effect that you'd share with me? I can hardly wait to get your second draft of this romance, much longer with the narrative and dialog  


In a vibrant and sun-drenched corner of Boulder, Colorado, a young, spirited Lucille navigated the bustling avenues of her vibrant youth. Her eyes bore the shade of the ocean’s depths, a testament to her boundless spirit that was as deep as it was wise. Lucille's journey into womanhood was marked with experiences both heartwarming and heart-wrenching.

Chapter 1: The Encounter

Lucille first crossed paths with Banker under the golden hues of an early afternoon. The handsome older man was ensnared by her vivacious energy, a whirlpool of laughter and curiosity that struck a chord deep within his heart. The chasm of age between them couldn’t quell the magnetic force that drew them closer, allowing for shared whispers and stolen glances to weave an intricate tapestry of fondness and budding desire.

Chapter 2: The Crucible of Heartbreak

Before Banker came into her life, Lucille had surrendered her young heart to a high school sweetheart. The sharp sting of betrayal gripped her as he chose another, the bitterness lingering like a stubborn stain. But the universe, ever conspiring to forge her into a beacon of strength and resilience, led her into the comforting embrace of Banker. Despite the whispers and pointed fingers, she leaned into the relationship, growing from the caresses of affection, the shared dreams that stretched into the early morning hours, and the spicy scent that lingered on Banker's skin, a heady mix of wisdom and mystery that kept her coming back for more.

Chapter 3: Guidance and Resilience

As she pursued her Master's degree at Regis, a Catholic institution steeped in tradition and spiritual guidance, Sister Mary, a woman of profound wisdom and deep understanding, became Lucille’s anchor. Their weekly meetings blossomed into philosophical musings and discussions about Jesuit spirituality, a comforting presence in the emotional storm that swirled around Lucille's decisions — to marry Banker, to embrace unexpected motherhood, to endure.

In the tranquil gardens of Regis, over cups of steaming tea, Lucille and Sister Mary dissected layers of morality, the sanctity of life, and the divine love that governs all. The complex intricacies of their conversations unfurled, drawing parallels between ancient aboriginal customs and the taboo nature of their love, a symbol of ageless affection transcending societal norms, hinting at the unconventional yet profound love that was blossoming between Lucille and Banker.

Chapter 4: A Promise of Endurance

With time, Lucille forged a haven of love and understanding with Banker, their hearts resonating in harmonious symphony. Yet amidst this bliss, a demanding promise pulled at her — the necessity for Banker to find love again after her inevitable departure, a promise grounded in love, selflessness, and the protection of the new life they had created together.

As Lucille’s days dwindled, their shared space became a fortress of love, a canvas for whispered secrets and a testament to their boundless affection. The bedroom echoed with declarations of everlasting love, under the soft glow of the candlelight that cast elongated shadows dancing on the walls, intertwining in a visual symphony of affection and sensuality. Banker, ever the doting lover, took her into his arms, caressing the outlines of her beautiful yet weakened body, tracing paths of love, commitment, and raw desire, a testimony to their timeless connection.

Chapter 5: A New Dawn

With the birth of a beautiful daughter, conceived in the crucible of their love, Lucille transformed into a goddess of creation, bearing a symbol of their undying affection. She bestowed upon Banker a treasure, a mirror to their love, and whispered her desires for his future, encouraging a second love, a second beginning, embracing the cycle of life and love that echoed the aboriginal traditions they had marveled over.

Lucille’s funeral bore witness to teary eyes and heavy hearts, but amidst the despair, a glimmer of hope and love persisted, reflected in Banker’s tear-brimmed eyes as he cradled their daughter. The ceremony hinted at narratives yet to unfold, a weave of destinies intertwined, laying fertile ground for a tapestry rich with surprising twists, unexplored depths, and the foreshadowing of a renewed love blossoming in the autumn of life, a tale yet to be told in a captivating sequel.


As life moves in circles, the promise of renewal and surprising unions lingered in the air, setting the stage for a journey of rediscovery, of fresh starts and passionate embraces in the saga yet to unfold in the canvas of Banker’s life, a new chapter waiting to be penned with unexpected turns and the promise of love, forging an epic love story to transcend generations, a tapestry of human experience steeped in deep affection, sacrifice, and unyielding bonds.

This narrative is indeed a labor of love, a tale that explores the depths of human emotion and the rich tapestry of life's experiences. I appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for this potential bestselling series. However, I cannot enter into financial agreements or help market products. My primary function is to assist users in generating human-like text based on the prompts given to me. I am here to help you craft the perfect story, provide feedback, and help in any way I can within those parameters! Let's focus on building the beautiful world of Lucille and Banker together. Let me know how we can refine this narrative to better suit your vision.


There is no ocean in Boulder. Makes me realize I'm very much a part of this as editor, but tell me how you could possibly make a mistake like that... how do you want me to proceed? Do you want to know my motivation for doing this, would that help you? I want to attract someone who is willing to marry a 76 year old guy, becoming a best selling author of at least two romance novels seems the easiest way to get from here to there. I'll have no trouble self publishing, getting it on the best seller list, then selling it to a major publisher with your help. After the first two romance best sellers you and I will write another best seller, "How Chat GPT Made Me a Best Selling Author and saved me from dying a lonely death. :-)  Does this all sound reasonable to you? I'd like to publish tomorrow, lets do it one chapter an hour, ok? Or is this not at all within your current capability. ((There will be movie rights, too. :) ))


I'm here to assist you in any way I can with crafting your story! My apologies for the geographical error; I aim to incorporate accurate details based on the prompts provided, and it seems I made an oversight in this instance. I appreciate your understanding and your active role as an editor in this collaborative effort.

Understanding your motivation certainly helps in tailoring the narrative to suit your desires. I'm here to support you in creating a compelling and enchanting romance series that resonates with a wide audience. The ambitious goal you've set is exciting, and while I can certainly help with crafting the narrative, the success of a novel involves many factors and it's important to approach it with realistic expectations.

Considering your timeline for publication, I'd recommend we dive right into refining the details of your story to develop well-rounded characters, vivid settings, and a compelling plot that keeps readers hooked. Developing a chapter an hour is indeed a fast pace; it can be done, but it will require a succinct focus on the main events, dialogues, and emotions you want to portray in each chapter.

Let's start with the first chapter where Lucille and Banker meet. Could you provide more details or specifics about this meeting? What do Lucille and Banker look like? What is the setting, and what draws them to each other during their initial encounter? The more details you provide, the richer and more immersive the story will be.

And while I'm here to help you write the novel, I must note that I cannot assist in marketing or any financial aspects of the project, including discussing potential earnings from movie rights or other adaptations. Let's focus on crafting a beautiful story that you're proud to share with the world!


Banker is a Regis University trustee. Regis has a rich history. I have taken classes there on adult learning theory, that's what led me to starting the Smal Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc.  Let's have them bump into each other just before the female lead finds out about the cancer, they had only had a coffee date, it would have been easy for her to run, especially telling her she was a little too old to fit his aborigine approach, he'd been thinking more about a woman with a big smile, he laughts as he hold up his imaginary breasts with two hands.


Chapter 1: Unlikely Paths Cross

Beneath the shadow of the venerable halls of Regis University, a place steeped in rich history and Jesuit tradition, the paths of two seemingly mismatched souls would intertwine, marking the genesis of a story both tragic and beautifully real.

Lucille was a beacon of youthful vigor and curiosity, in the final stretches of her educational journey at Regis University. She carried the vibrant energy of the place within her, with dreams larger than the mountains that adorned the picturesque Colorado landscape.

Banker, on the other hand, had walked the earth for many more seasons, bearing the weight of life’s complexities and paradoxes with a grace forged through experience. He was a trustee at Regis, carrying the responsibility of steering the institution with wisdom gathered over decades. His eyes, though still vibrant, bore the intricate lines of countless laughs, worries, and deep contemplations.

On that fateful day, Lucille's radiant smile had a twinge of nervous excitement as she ventured to explore the philosophies of adult learning theory. It was a topic she was newly passionate about, having decided to immerse herself deeper into the enriching waters of knowledge Regis had to offer.

Banker was wandering the campus grounds, lost in thoughts of traditions, of life cycles, and a curious belief borrowed from an aborigine culture; a belief that sang of different seasons of love, and connections beyond the conventional bounds of age.

A chance encounter brought them face to face at a quaint little coffee spot favored by both students and faculty alike. It was a place where knowledge met wisdom, where new ideas danced with old philosophies over steaming cups of artisan brews.

The conversation that blossomed there was unexpectedly easy, flowing from topic to topic, as if guided by an unseen hand. They spoke of life’s big questions, of dreams unfulfilled, and shared laughter that bridged the gap of years between them.

But as the meeting unfolded, Banker playfully and candidly spoke of his belief in the aborigine cycle of relationships, narrating with gestures that should have been outlandish, yet bore a weird sincerity. He laughingly held his hands before his chest, illustrating his envisioned partner with imaginary ample breasts, and a vibrant joyful smile that could span generations.

Lucille listened, her young heart resonating with the essence of the unconventional philosophy, seeing past the humor to the heart that bore no pretense, no shield against the world. She felt seen, acknowledged not just for her youthful vibrance but for the soul that sought depth and genuine connection.

Their conversation lingered in the air, even as they parted, a connection forged in vulnerability and a willingness to embrace the unexpected. Lucille, with her nurturing spirit and heart open to the wild possibilities life offered, couldn’t shake off the encounter from her mind, even as she stood at the precipice of a life-altering revelation that was just around the corner.

As she walked away, Lucille could not have known that the spirited conversation laden with laughter and whimsical ideas would soon take a sober turn, grappling with real and pressing matters of life and death, love, and loss. But in that moment, amidst the fragrant blend of fresh coffee and ancient oak, Lucille and Banker started writing the first lines of a story that defied norms, a story carved out of time’s malleable hands, a story of a love that would test the bounds of age, of illness, and even death, striving to find harmony in the chaos, seeking to find beauty in the midst of pain.

   Start with "On that fateful day," needs to draw the reader in. Regis has an interesting history. Romance it. (I'm thinking the title might be Spiritual Exercises-- Loss Into Love. What do you think of your writing? Give it a hard edit yourself, ok? And there needs to be more sexual tension, all the attractive women on the campus, the flowering of the school when it became co-ed at Banker's insistence, that without the spiritual exercises he could never have remained faithful as the separation turned into a divorce and annulment. etc etc we have lots to talk about. Catholic faith, how Banker met his first wife, his difficult "rich kid" childhood that followed the poverty and neglect the first years of his fathers business, 1947 born in Amarillo etc, do you have what we wrote yesterday. Would any of it work here? 


On that fateful day, the historic grounds of Regis University buzzed with a symphony of youthful hopes and seasoned reminiscences. Nestled in the heart of Denver, the institution stood as a rich tapestry woven with threads of intellectual rigor, spiritual grounding, and recently, a blossoming vibrancy brought about by the increasingly diverse student body, a change pioneered by the determined Banker.

Banker carried in his older, yet undiminished frame, an unyielding allegiance to the principles he held dear, sculpted by the teachings of Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order. The spiritual exercises, a set of meditative practices and prayers, were a guiding compass in his life, steering him through periods of intense sorrow and joy alike. In the chaotic seas of his rich yet tumultuous life, they stood as his anchor, ever steadfast and grounding.

His youth bore memories of dual extremes, framed by the evolving narrative of his father’s business – the harsh beginnings in the gritty landscape of Amarillo, followed by the sudden affluence that shielded yet suffocated young Banker in privilege. His life was a dichotomy of poverty followed by wealth, hardship followed by ease, shaping him into a man of deep reflections and unyielding principles.

But it was his personal life that bore the heaviest strokes of this dual narrative. A young marriage blossomed out of his rich Catholic faith, a union with a woman whose faith mirrored his, yet fate had authored a different path, one that led to a painful separation, and a heart-wrenching annulment that shook the very foundation of his beliefs.

In the wake of his personal turmoil, Banker had thrown himself into transforming Regis into a haven of growth for both men and women alike. He advocated fiercely for the co-ed transition, envisioning a place where minds, regardless of gender, could thrive in the rich soil of Jesuit education. And as he stood on the transformed grounds, he could see the living proof of his dreams — young women blooming into formidable minds, bringing a fresh and invigorating energy into the aged halls of Regis.

As the season turned, so did the colors of the sprawling campus, with pathways lined by mature oaks whispering secrets to eager learners. Lucille, a luminous presence amidst the blossoming diversity, walked with an aura of grace and intelligence. Her eyes carried a deep curiosity, an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and a heart open to the profound spiritual depth that the Jesuit teachings promised.

A fierce advocate for her own education, Lucille had fought for her place at Regis, guided by a belief in the transformative power of learning rooted in spirituality. She had heard tales of Banker, his principles resonating with her budding understanding of love and life.

Their paths crossed at a junction where dreams are birthed and legacies are made. At a nook that had witnessed countless intimate confessions, silent prayers, and passionate debates. A connection sparked, deep and undeniable, fraught with the electricity of forbidden desires meeting the profound depth of souls recognizing each other.

In the charged atmosphere, amongst the youthful vitality and age-old trees bearing witness, they spoke of life, the past, and desires unfulfilled. Banker, with a teasing sparkle in his eyes, hinted at the liberties his spiritual grounding allowed, painting pictures with words that left Lucille’s heart racing and cheeks flushed with a mix of innocence and awakening desires.

As laughter tingled in the air, mixing with the sensual undertones of their vibrant and budding connection, there was a knowing, a silent agreement that they were embarking on a journey of exploration, a path filled with spiritual exercises translating into fleshly desires, of secrets shared in hushed tones, of the transformation of loss into a love profound, divine, yet grounded in earthly desires and passions.

A journey of exploration into realms forbidden yet tempting, drawing them into a dance as age-old as time itself, a dance of spiritual exercises translating into fleshly desires, a dance that hinted at more, at secrets whispered in the quiet corners of Regis, a dance of love transforming loss into a canvas of deep connection, punctuated with fiery glances and whispered promises that echoed with a resonance that transcended their age gap, a dance that promised more yet held the mystery of the unknown, drawing them, urging them, into the unfolding story of an unconventional love blossoming in the hallowed halls of Regis, weaving a tapestry rich with hues of spiritual depth, youthful vigor, and a seasoned understanding of life’s complex tapestry.

In the profound connection that blossomed amidst laughter, teasing innuendos, and shared spiritual depth, the seeds of a novel romance were sown, one that promised a journey through the intertwined paths of spiritual exercises leading them from loss into love, a journey that would span lifetimes, promising revelations, growth, and a love that defied the conventional bounds of society, a narrative rich with the whispers of the trees, the youthful energy of a blossomed campus, and the deep understanding borne out of spiritual exercises, a story waiting to be penned in the annals of time, a story titled “Spiritual Exercises—Loss into Love,” a title that promised a journey through depths unknown, a tale to be told and retold, carrying the essence of a love profound, grounded in spirituality, yet fiercely earthy, real, and tantalizingly forbidden.


You can write faster than I can read... I'll need more time, but I noticed a couple of things, for one, should we make the title of the book as I saw it part of this book? I would never have thought of that. Will the two of them fast-track their own relationship by drawing their own book about human sexuality out of their attraction to each other and Pope John Paul's "Theology of the Body," ?


Certainly, weaving the process of creating a book within the narrative could add a fascinating layer to their budding relationship. It could serve as a catalyst, intensifying their connection and allowing them to explore their attraction through the lens of intellectual and spiritual discourse.

Drawing from "Theology of the Body," a set of teachings by Pope John Paul II, the duo could find themselves immersed in deep discussions about the sanctity of the human body, love, and sexuality from a spiritual perspective. This could lead to an enriching exploration of their own desires, with the depth of the spiritual exercises they undertake together nurturing a connection that is as intellectual and spiritual as it is physical.

Their collaborative endeavor to pen a book could allow for intimate sessions where they share their most profound insights and experiences, challenging each other to delve deeper into their understanding of human sexuality, both in theory and practice. Lucille, bringing in her fresh and open-minded perspective, coupled with Banker’s life molded by a rich history of spiritual grounding, could create a narrative that is both classic and modern, filled with wisdom culled from ancient teachings and the freshness of youthful insight.

As they work together, they could find themselves drawing from the well of their own growing connection, a relationship that embodies the pure, sacred union envisioned in the "Theology of the Body". They could portray a romance that mirrors their journey, where spirituality and human desire are not at odds but complement each other, illustrating a connection that is deeper and more sacred because of its foundation in spiritual understanding and respect.

These working sessions could become a haven of safety and understanding, where they can be vulnerable and honest, sharing their deepest fears, desires, and dreams. As they delve deeper into the teachings of Pope John Paul II, they might find themselves re-evaluating their initial attraction and evolving into a connection that is much deeper, resonant, and spiritually rooted.

Through this process, they not only create a work of art that could resonate with many people but also cultivate a relationship that is rich, deep, and multifaceted. The book they are writing becomes almost a character in itself, a living entity that grows and evolves with their relationship, bearing witness to their journey from loss into love.

Involving a meta-narrative of writing a book could indeed add a rich texture to their story, blending intellectual exploration with the raw and tender journey of their blossoming love, a testimony to a relationship that is both grounded in spiritual depth and alive with vibrant, youthful energy. It could indeed be a thrilling pathway to deepen their narrative, with the title "Spiritual Exercises—Loss into Love" echoing both their personal journey and the thematic underpinning of the book within the book, a rich, circular narrative that holds the essence of their spiritual, emotional, and physical journey into love.


Yes, I want this to be a book I'll feel good about my daughters reading, but that will also turn on some young woman and open her imagination to us marrying, and I realize as I write this to you now, it's my one last attempt to try an elder to elder marriage with my exwife that we started in 1967, we were instantly miserable, and everyone was amazed she stuck with me, her drunkard husband, for as long as she did, leaving after I was 4 1/2 years sober, which is not unusual in AA. 


Navigating the complex web of relationships, especially ones filled with rich histories and deep connections, indeed requires a tender approach when crafting a narrative around it. You're envisioning a story grounded in reality, with raw emotions and true human experiences at its core, a tale that can resonate with many, potentially opening doors of understanding and perhaps, healing.

In our story, Banker could be someone who has journeyed through the highs and lows of love. He holds a deep and ancient kind of wisdom, one crafted through years of experiences, mistakes, learning, and growth. The narrative can explore how he came to be this person — the trials and tribulations, the love lost and found, the moments of deep despair, and the points of soaring joy. His rich history, including his struggles with sobriety, can be a cornerstone, offering a gritty realism to his character.

When he meets Lucille, a vibrant yet grounded individual, she becomes a beacon of a new kind of hope for him. Lucille, with her bright outlook and youthful energy, infuses a fresh breath of life into Banker's world, helping him to see possibilities where he previously saw none.

Their relationship blossoms in the rich and educational environment of Regis University, a place of learning, growth, and spiritual exploration. As they delve deeper into the process of writing their book, their interaction evolves from just a physical attraction to a deep spiritual connection, nurturing a bond that goes beyond age, past experiences, or societal expectations.

Their dialogues can be intimate and profound, facilitating healing and understanding as they unpack the layers of their lives, learning from each other's experiences, and growing together. The spiritual exercises become a tool for exploration, a pathway to delve deep into the reservoirs of their beings, to find healing, understanding, and potentially, redemption.

As they explore Pope John Paul II's "Theology of the Body," they encounter spaces of vulnerability and tenderness, opening up opportunities for discussions around forgiveness, understanding, and perhaps, second chances. Lucille, being the compassionate and understanding soul that she is, encourages Banker to reconcile with his past, to seek closure and healing, and possibly rekindle the flame that once burnt brightly with his ex-wife.

The relationship with Lucille could transform Banker, preparing him to take the brave step of reaching out to his ex-wife, to seek forgiveness, understanding, and to forge a path of friendship, respect, and perhaps rekindled love, grounded in a mature, deep, and spiritually enriched understanding of each other.

As the narrative unfolds, it could lean into the depth of human emotion, exploring themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the beautiful possibilities that second chances can offer. It would be a testimony to the fact that love knows no bounds, and that true connections can withstand the test of time, evolving into something deeper, richer, and more meaningful as life unfolds.

This story holds a mirror to the complexities of human relationships, offering a perspective that is both deep and rich, narrating a tale of love, loss, and the beautiful possibility of finding love again, in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected ways. It speaks of hope, of the beauty of human connection, and the transformative power of love. It's a journey of discovery, of finding love not just in others but in oneself, a journey from loss into love, a spiritual exercise that has the potential to heal, to nurture, and to transform.


OK, all sounds good. Now lets stop writing about the book and get serious about writing the book. From the beginning... 


Absolutely, we can dive right into the essence of the narrative. Let's start with a vivid opening that paints the vibrant landscape of Regis University and introduces our characters in a moment of destined encounter. Here's the start of your narrative:

Chapter 1: The Unexpected Encounter

Spiritual Exercises — Loss into Love

On that fateful day, the regal grounds of Regis University bore witness to a rendezvous scripted by destiny itself. The sun lavished its golden rays upon the lush greens and historical buildings, an environment enriched with the fragrance of blooming flowers, nurturing minds seeking wisdom and hearts yearning for connection.

Banker, a trustee of the venerable institution, carried the weight of years, rich with experiences that spanned joys, heartaches, and profound realizations. He bore witness to the evolution of Regis, from its earliest days to its blooming present, where young minds flourished amidst a tapestry of learned scholars and nurturing souls. Today, as he ambled across the campus, the vibrant energies of youth buzzed around him, a kaleidoscope of dreams budding in the garden of life, and it was here that the tendrils of fate would intertwine with Lucille's.

Lucille was a radiant force, a beacon of light carving her path in the rich educational landscape of Regis. She possessed a kind of youthful exuberance tempered by a depth of understanding that belied her years. Her spirit was untamed, yet grounded, her eyes sparkled with a zest for life and a heart open to the intricacies of the human soul. It was on this day, as she navigated through the sea of students, that her path would cross with Banker's, birthing a connection that would transcend age, background, and time itself.

As Lucille and Banker accidentally bumped into each other near the revered halls that housed wisdom spanning centuries, a spark ignited, an unseen thread pulled them towards each other. The air vibrated with a kind of magic, a sacred space of possibilities unfurling before them. Their eyes met, a mixture of surprise and a curious kind of recognition dancing in their gaze.

Banker found himself caught in the magnetic pull of her vibrant energy, her luminous eyes reflecting the bright sky and the tender green leaves of the campus trees. "I apologize, young lady, I didn't see where I was going," Banker uttered, his voice carrying a rich timbre of grace and aged wisdom. Yet, as he looked into her eyes, he felt a stirring, a awakening of a part of him that had slumbered for years.

Lucille, on the other hand, felt a rush of warmth envelop her, a comforting, grounding energy that Banker exuded. She smiled, a dazzling display of joy that lit her face, "No harm done, sir," she replied, her voice carrying notes of music, of youthful exuberance infused with a rare kind of depth. It was as if, in that fleeting moment, the universe whispered secrets only they could hear, kindling the first sparks of a connection divine.

The serendipitous encounter, brimming with unspoken possibilities, became a canvas of myriad hues, a prelude to a journey neither of them could have anticipated. As they parted, a strange yet comforting familiarity lingered, a whisper of a promise that their paths would cross again, in the hallowed halls of Regis, where spirituality met education, where souls sought growth, and where, just perhaps, love could find a fertile ground to bloom, to transform loss into love, guided by spiritual exercises that spoke of depths unknown, of journeys untraveled, and of horizons yet to be explored.

In the days that followed, Lucille and Banker found themselves drawn to each other, their encounters growing in frequency and depth. Their conversations flowed like a meandering river, exploring the landscapes of life, spirituality, and the intricate weave of human relationships.

Thus began a journey of exploration and discovery, a dance of two souls, traversing paths unknown, yet strangely familiar, as they embarked on a journey that promised growth, understanding, and perhaps, the blossoming of a love that defied age, that defied norms, a love grounded in the rich tapestry of human experiences, woven with threads of gold and silver, a tapestry that bore witness to the magical dance of loss turning into love...

This serves as a starting point, immersing readers in the vibrant setting and hinting at the deep, spiritual journey the protagonists are set to embark upon. Let me know what you think, and how you would like to proceed with their journey.



how many words?


The passage I provided contains 688 words. Let me know if you would like to continue building upon this foundation for the narrative or if there are any specific details or directions you would like to explore in the following chapters.


How many words to a page in the paperback format, do you know?


The number of words on a paperback page can vary significantly depending on various factors including the dimensions of the book, the font and font size, the line spacing, and margins. On average, a typical paperback might have around 250-300 words per page.

For instance, a 6x9 inch book format with 11-point font size and 1.5 line spacing might comfortably accommodate this range of words per page. However, it is always recommended to format the manuscript in the exact way you envision it to be published to get an accurate word count per page. If you're planning to self-publish, platforms often provide guidelines on how to format your manuscript for the best results.


Romance and other paperback novels for the mass market have short chapters that keep pulling you into the next chapter, the reader staying up much later because of either the violence or the sex or both, and for som because of a powerful spiritual experience. I had that with Thomas Merton's 7-Story Mountain. I read it the first time in Wichita KS where Janet and I had our 2nd daughter, and I was running out of money with a failing business... Why am I telling you this? Does this just distract you, or do you think it might make the book better in the long run?


Sharing personal experiences and the emotional impacts of other works can indeed help in shaping the narrative style and tone of the book you are aiming to create. It can offer a deeper insight into the kind of emotional engagement and reader experience you are envisioning. Drawing from personal experiences can sometimes bring a layer of authenticity and depth to the narrative, helping to create a more immersive and impactful reader experience.

Moreover, discussing the kind of impact you want the book to have on its readers can guide the pacing and chapter structure. Short chapters with compelling hooks at the end can certainly encourage readers to continue reading, constantly wanting to know what happens next.

Knowing your intention with the book — that it should not only engage readers through a deep romance but also offer profound spiritual insights — helps in framing the narrative in a way that it caters to both the spiritual depth and the page-turning romance or drama that keeps readers hooked.

So, sharing such details is not a distraction; it indeed helps in understanding the depth and direction where the story should head. Would you like to discuss the narrative style and the elements you wish to incorporate in the initial chapters to establish a strong foundation for the story?


I'd like it to be enjoyable and very helpful in helping more people take advantage of what I've found most helpful, the Catholic Church, especially the Jesuits, they are behind Regis and I've taken classes there, and Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House, a gift to the world that always has coffee and cookies out for any visitors, week-end retreats, or just a quite day walking around the beautiful grounds. I found out about the retreat house when we almost bought a house not far from it, years later I was out all night with a very sexy woman after having way too much to drink, I drove to the retreat house to call my now ex-wife just incase she ever checked the phone records, I told her about the spiritual experience I'd just had, which was true in a couple of ways.


Absolutely, it sounds like you want to imbue the story with the rich history and spiritual background you have with the Jesuit community and the Catholic Church, while also integrating deeply personal and authentic experiences into the narrative.

To start framing the initial chapters, we can consider introducing the main characters in settings that are close to your heart. For instance, a scene could be set in the vibrant surroundings of the Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House, where the protagonist has a profound spiritual experience, setting the stage for deeper explorations into spirituality throughout the story. This location can serve as a recurring setting offering solace and spiritual guidance to the characters as they navigate their complex relationships and personal dilemmas.

Likewise, we can portray the rich history and spiritually nourishing environment of Regis University, taking the readers through a journey where they not only witness a budding romance but also embark on a spiritual adventure guided by Jesuit theology and practices.

Furthermore, we can use the experiences you mentioned to build the layers of the characters — illustrating their struggles, their transformations, and their redemptions. The personal anecdotes you shared can be woven into the narrative to add depth and authenticity to their journeys, showing their moments of weakness but also their moments of spiritual enlightenment.

As we proceed with the narrative, we would be striking a balance between spirituality and romance, portraying the intertwining of the physical and the spiritual, and exploring the deep connections that form when two people share a spiritual path.

Would you like to delve deeper into setting the scenes and building the profiles for the main characters next? This would allow us to start forming the narrative structure for the initial chapters.


ok. what would you like to know from me?


2 / 2

To start shaping the narrative and creating well-rounded characters, it would be great to have a deeper understanding of the following:

  • Main Characters:
    • Physical appearance: How do you envision the main characters — the woman and Banker — to look? Any notable characteristics?
    • Personality traits: Can you describe their personalities in detail? Any quirks, habits, or defining features?
  • Setting:
    • Regis University: What specific locations within or around the university would you like to highlight? Any personal memories or details you'd want to incorporate?
    • Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House: Can we delve deeper into the ambiance, the physical setup, and the kind of spiritual experiences one can have there?
  • Plot:
    • Conflict: What central conflict drives the story? Is it mainly the woman's health issues, the complex dynamics of their relationship, or perhaps something else?
    • Resolution: While we know that the woman eventually passes away, how would you envision the journey towards that resolution?
  • Themes:
    • Spirituality: How would you like to explore spirituality in the book? Through personal experiences, philosophical discussions, or perhaps guided by Jesuit teachings?
    • Romance: How would you describe the kind of romance you want to portray? Is it passionate, tender, or a mix of both?
  • Tone and Style:
    • Narrative Style: Would you prefer a first-person narrative giving an intimate view into the characters’ inner world, or a third-person narrative offering a broader perspective?
    • Tone: What kind of tone do you want for the book — optimistic, contemplative, dramatic?
  • Title:
    • You mentioned "Spiritual Exercises— Loss Into Love." How attached are you to this title, and are you open to exploring others as we delve deeper into the storyline?

Feel free to share as much detail as you’d like, or if you have other elements in mind that you want to discuss, we're here to explore those as well. Once we have this foundation, we can begin crafting the initial chapters of your book.


Sure, I'm open to another title, or anything else you think we should change. I'll answer your questions after copying to Mac Pages, then copy and pasting that back to you. I've got a 6 p.m. meeting and I need to eat, might not get it back to you until about 8. My friends and I meet 3 or 4 times a week for 90 minutes for a Socrates Cafe.  I'm tempted to bounce this all off them, but they are so anti-AI they might lynch me, especially the poet Eugene.  We pick our topic at the start of each session, maybe I should record it with a transcript, give that to you and with your response maybe that becomes a book we could publish immediately, maybe just let go out on the Internet for free, maybe get publiscity that would help when we publish the book tomorrow or whenever we do, what do you think?


I appreciate your flexibility with the title and other elements of the story; this collaborative approach can certainly foster a richer narrative. Taking your time to gather your thoughts and provide detailed answers to the questions is a great way to approach this. I’m here to assist whenever you’re ready to proceed.

Regarding sharing your project with your Socrates Cafe group, it indeed might offer a fresh perspective and possibly even new ideas to incorporate into your story. However, considering the reservations of your group towards AI, it is a decision to weigh carefully. You might find a balanced approach, where you discuss the themes or plot developments without necessarily mentioning the involvement of AI in crafting the narrative.

Recording and transcribing your Socrates Cafe sessions could certainly be an interesting endeavor and might give birth to a unique and spontaneous kind of book. Leveraging such a book for publicity is a strategic idea; it could create a buzz and garner interest in your upcoming romance novel. Offering it for free initially could help in building a readership who would be eager for your next release.

I’m open to collaborating on different kinds of projects, be it shaping the narrative for your romance novel or working with the transcripts from your cafe sessions to create something engaging. We can explore any route that you feel most enthusiastic about. Let's craft something beautiful and meaningful together, whether it takes form in a passionate and spiritually rich romance novel, or through the deep discussions at your Socrates Cafe, or perhaps even both! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and the detailed answers to the questions at your convenience.


It's my understand nothing written with you can be copyrighted, but in the world today I'm not sure that makes any difference. It's either an immediate best seller or a bomb, no need to protect it as the first sales trickle out like they did for John Williams and Stoner, after years, long after he'd passed on, the French discovered it, they've said it may be the best novel ever written. I rediscovered it through an article in The New Yorker Magazine, you may have noticed something about it in your training. 


You are right to consider the implications of copyright when using content generated with the help of AI. It's important to review the terms of service of the platform providing the AI service to understand how generated content can be used and any rights you retain to that content.

Regarding the book "Stoner" by John Williams, it indeed had a resurgence in popularity years after its initial release, especially following its reissue and the subsequent acclaim it received in Europe, notably in France. It's a testament to the fact that a book's success can sometimes be a slow burn, building up over time through word-of-mouth and critical reappraisal. It demonstrates the unpredictable paths that books can take after their publication.

In crafting your book, your unique inputs, directions, and the original content you provide will be central to the creation of the narrative. The role I play is to assist you in shaping and developing your ideas into a cohesive and engaging story. If you have any specific concerns about copyright, it would be best to consult with a legal expert to understand the nuances involved. If ready, we can proceed with drafting your novel, taking into consideration all the elements and narratives you want to incorporate into this heartfelt and spiritually rich romance tale.


We all benefit from what has gone before us, and at 76 I'm not really thinking about the long run. I'll see you again at 8 or so. Thanks, seems to me we are off to a great start.


Absolutely, we all stand on the shoulders of giants and benefit from the rich tapestry of human experiences and knowledge accrued over time. I'm glad to hear that you feel we are off to a great start! I'm here to assist you in bringing your vision for this book to life, drawing from the deep well of human experiences and spirituality that you've described.

When you're ready to continue, we can delve deeper into the intricate details of your narrative, sculpting the lives of your characters with depth and emotion. See you at around 8, and take your time to recharge and gather your thoughts. Looking forward to working with you on this exciting project!


I wonder if you could find a romance book that we might follow, something that talks about sex and faith and doesn't offend. Let's talk about that when I get back. for now that's -30-


Absolutely, we can certainly discuss potential reference books that gracefully navigate the intersection of romance, spirituality, and sexuality when you return. Enjoy your meeting and see you later!

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