Saturday, September 02, 2023

Join Us Tonight for Socratic Wisdom: Socrates Cafe Society Meeting

Online with John Wren. Call (303)861-1447

Greetings, fellow seekers of wisdom and meaningful conversation! It's a pleasure to invite you to our Socrates Cafe Society gathering tonight (Saturday, September 2nd) and every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and 1st Sunday (tomorrow, September 3rd).

We're excited to be back in person at the University of Denver (DU) after the pandemic for each Saturday and Sunday Socrates Cafe and we're also continuing all of our online sessions originated at DU or anywhere else for those who prefer a trained and experienced facilitator or just want to join us from the comfort of their home.

When and Where?

  • Tonight's Meeting: Saturday, September 2nd
  • Tomorrow's Meeting: Sunday, September 3rd (1st Sunday of the month)
  • Weekly Schedule: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and 1st Sunday
  • Time: 6:30 PM Mountain Time
  • Location: In-Person at DU (See details on and Online via Google Meet (Access code always posted on

If you have any questions or need assistance with access, don't hesitate to call John Wren at (303) 861-1447. Leave a message, and one of our dedicated volunteers will get back to you promptly.

What is Socrates Cafe Society?

Socrates Cafe Society is a vibrant community of individuals who come together to engage in thoughtful and meaningful discussions. Inspired by the Socratic method, we explore life's big questions, share our perspectives, and seek wisdom through dialogue and inquiry. Whether you're a seasoned philosopher or someone new to the world of philosophical discourse, you're welcome here.

Why Should You Join Us?

  • Deep Conversations: At our Socrates Cafe Society meetings, you'll have the opportunity to engage in deep, meaningful conversations on a wide range of topics. We believe that open dialogue and critical thinking are essential for personal growth and societal progress.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Our community is a diverse tapestry of individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life. This diversity enriches our discussions and offers fresh insights that you won't find in echo chambers.
  • Safe and Respectful Environment: We cultivate an atmosphere of respect and open-mindedness, where all viewpoints are welcome. Our discussions are free from judgment and aimed at exploring ideas, not debating winners and losers.
  • Flexibility: With both in-person and online options, you can choose the format that suits you best. We understand that everyone has different preferences and commitments.

How to Join Us:

  • If you plan to attend in person at DU, please check the details on for location and any specific guidelines related to the meeting.
  • If you prefer to join us online, visit to find the Google Meet access code. Simply enter the code at the scheduled meeting time, and you'll be part of the conversation.

Spread the Word:

We believe that meaningful conversations can transform lives and communities. If you know someone who would benefit from our Socrates Cafe Society gatherings, please share this invitation with them. All are welcome!

Don't miss the chance to engage in thoughtful discourse, explore life's mysteries, and connect with a community that values wisdom and open dialogue. We look forward to seeing you tonight and in the days to come as we embark on this journey of philosophical exploration together.

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