Saturday, August 14, 2004

Welcome to H2CARSBIZ - Hydrogen Cars Business :: ZEES A/S! Powered by DreamAccount.: "The Hydrogen Cars Business Special Design Issue 2004 features the most innovative hydrogen and fuel cell powered cars, world leading initiatives on building hydrogen infrastructure, and leading architects visions of the future hydrogen economy. "

This special design issue of H2Cars just came out. These may be a better alternative to solve the energy problem, you can subscribe by clicking the button to the right here on my blog.
denver fitness, denver athletic club, denver personal trainer, personal trainers training athletic clubs, physical fitness nutrition counseling Tom and Dawn Terwilliger told their very romantic startup story at the IDEA Cafe yesterday. Tom had a TV show on Fox and covered a competition in Boulder, Colorado. "I saw Dawn and instantly knew she was the one. Why she was interested in me, I don't know," Tom laughed. "Since then we've be joined at the hip in everything we do," added Dawn.

Tom's decision to become a professional trainer came just as quickly. "I was working in a gym making $6/hour. I won the Mr. America competition in 1986 and was invited on the Regis Philbin show. He became my first client. I'd been working with individuals in the gym, but not charging. Others were doing the same thing, but no one else had the knack and joy for it that I did. I charged Regis because I knew he had the money. I don't think he came in expecting to pay!"

The Fox TV show also came quickly. "I was invited to participate because of being Mr. America. We made a demo in about 20 minutes and sent it to Fox." That lead to a 16 year run, until he met Mrs. Terwilliger.

"We worked at another studio as independent contractors and were happy until it changed hands. That lead to a kitchen table decision to open their own facility. It took about a year to find the right location and put it together. In 1999 they opened Definitions in Larimer Square, and 3 years ago they opened this.

Looking at their life together, their business, and the fact that a TV producer and actor who wants to start a fitness TV show that I'd met months ago by accident finally decided to attend the IDEA Cafe, Dawn said, "Every thing happens for a reason. I really believe that."
Kerry On Iraq: "'I urge Ed to show to every American because I think every American should see this...' -- Fmr. NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani"

Friday, August 13, 2004

Silicon Valley Biz Ink :: The voice of the valley economy: "Mayor John Hickenlooper today left the
first message on a voice mail system designed to help homeless people
communicate with potential employers, healthcare services, child care
providers, landlords and family. Homeless people are given their own personal
voice mail telephone number which takes messages. They can retrieve those
messages 24/7 from any phone or pay phone totally for free."
The new Highlands Socrates Cafe met for the first time last night at Common Grounds, 3484 W. 32nd here in Denver, about 5 minutes West of I25 & Speer. We had a very large turnout because of the front page story in the North Denver Tribune. Elisa Cohen, editor of the paper, will be joining us each week. She received a round of applause for her support.

Denver Socrates Cafe continues to meet each Friday at Panera Bread, 1350 Grant here in Denver, near the Capitol. For more about Socrates Cafe and how you can start one in your neighborhood see If you start a new group in metro-Denver, I'd love to attend your first meeting and help you get the word out about it. Please send me an email at I think a network of independent Socrates Cafes across Denver could have a dramatic impact on the attendance at our 2006 neighborhood caucuses, see and could precipitate giant leap forward for the grassroots.
VSAC HomeAccessibility brown bag talk
VSA arts Colorado |
Where: Access Gallery
2256 Larimer St., Denver, CO
When: Tue. Aug. 17, 11:30 - 1:00
Price: Free
Tix/Info: 303-777-0797
Hannah Kahn Dance Company: "?The Hannah Kahn Dance Company will present a Free Outdoor Peformance at the Denver Botanic Gardens, on Monday, August 16, 2004 at 6:30 p.m. In case of rain we will perform indoors. "
Denver Municipal Band: "Founded in Denver, Colorado in the 1860s,
the DMB is the oldest professional concert
band in the continental United States. " Free concert this coming Sunday August 15, 7:30 P.M. The Concert Band at Washington Park

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

SchmoozeIt!�: "'SchmoozeIt!' was created out of the need to connect those folks - whether it was for VC funding, new business partners, new clients or just building brand awareness - SchmoozeIt! quickly became one of the most anticipated networking events in Denver.

The 5th Annual SchmoozeIt! will be held on August 20, 2004 at the Westin, Westminster as a collaborative effort with Colorado Company Magazine's 1st Anniversary event - The Bold & The Bankrolled! "

The Mariott at I25 and Lincoln south of Denver was the site of the Schaffer for Senate election watch. Sen. John Andrews (shown here), Mike Coffman, Sen. Bill Armstrong, Ted Halaby, and many other GOP leaders gathered to watch the returns.

Everyone kept expecting the early results to change, they never did.

Scott and Bill await the election results.

Bob Schaffer and his family took the stage once the loss was conclusive. He thanked everyone for their efforts and congradulated Pete Coors who he said will be a good U.S. Senator. "We all now have to work just as hard to make sure Pete is elected," Bob said.

Rep. Nancy Spence and Bob.

Bob walked through the crowd thanking everyone for their hard work.

Primary election day! Here is my name on the ballot here in Denver District 5 for the Colorado House of Represenatives. I'm the GOP nominee from our district meeting, there is no one else on the primary ballot, so I'm heavily favored!

Monday, August 09, 2004 | The Origin of the Entrepreneurial Species: "Inc. : So much of your research focuses on the difference between ordinary start-ups and those gazelles, or 'promising companies,' that go on to achieve significant levels of success. Could you give us an overview of how successful companies get started?
Bhide: Here it is in summary: Most successful entrepreneurs start without a proprietary idea, without exceptional training and qualifications, and without significant amounts of capital. And they start their businesses in uncertain market niches."