Monday, March 03, 2008

Today is the birthday of Alexander Graham Bell (1847) who invented the telephone by mistake when he was working on a better design for the telegraph. It is believed that Bell was the first to say, “when one door closes another opens.” There are minutes of the Western Union board meeting that declined interest in the telephone; why would anyone want to talk over telegraph lines when the coding system worked so well?

Are caucus lovers just being closed minded? No says Denver Post columnist Ed Quillen in yesterday’s Denver Post. Bad sign for Colorado, NO COMMENTS ABOUT THIS CAUCUS COLUMN until I posted mine this morning. Take a look, post your comment, then ask a friend or two to do the same, OK? And mark your calendar now to join us Friday for the Denver Grassroots Rally where Dennis Gallagher will tell us about his caucus experiences. More info and optional RSVP at

Why do you think no one posted a comment on Quillen’s column? (Another attempt to get you to post a comment here on my blog--makes me feel somewhat better when I think of how few comments are posted on the Denver Post Online!)

See you tonight at the Tattered Cover? (See my Friday post here about who’s speaking and when.)

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