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Sunday, November 23, 2008

When’s the last time you bought a tune in a Jukebox? The first one was put into play on this date in 1889 in San Francisco.

A guest editorial in the Denver Post today sees the GOP problem as conservatives-gone-wild, and that what is needed is a move to the middle:

(click here for article): Stunned by GOP's post-election response

This the comment that I just posted:

Moderation is a red herring, a distraction from the real reason the Democrats won such an overwhelming victory, in my opinion.

What was the real reason?

At least in Colorado, Democrats did the grassroots organizing that the GOP has only given lip-service over the last couple of decades.

Phone banks, advertising & direct-mail, and 96-hour GOTV campaigns will never beat door-to-door, neighbor-to-neighbor efforts, especially in caucus states such as Colorado and Iowa.

So watch for attempt to kill the caucus again, this time from an ungodly alliance between misguided GOP leaders and caucus-haters of the left, elitists who supported Amendment 29 in 2002 which would have killed our wonderful Colorado precinct caucus-assembly system for nominating candidates to the primary ballot.

Is it time to fire-up Save the Caucus? We'll raise this as an issue this afternoon (Sun, Nov 23) at Denver Speakers Corner. Join us today, or any Sunday afternoon, at 4 p.m., Denver Civic Center, North Pavilion on Colfax across the street from the Denver Newspaper Agency. Details and optional RSVP at

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