Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I just sent this email to Tom and the members of the SD31 vacancy committee, explaining why I would like to see our online discussions move to Facebook, so everyone can take what they like and leave the rest. Also, it makes the conversation much less elitist! Let the sunshine in! Use Facebook for political conversations so everyone can see what's going on!

Here's my email to Tom and the others:

Tom (and others),

This email will be my last to this group (I mean it this time!)
for the reasons I discussed before.

Facebook is a wonderful free tool, seems to me continuing
this discussion there makes a lot of sense.

What do the others on this email list think about moving to

If you haven’t signed up, it’s easy and free. Just go to
www.Facebook.com. Takes about a minute.

Then use Facebook search, go to CO SD 31 group, and
register as a member if you want to post messages, or
you can just watch what others post.

Facebook is a powerful tool for the voice of the common

If anyone wants help getting started, I’ll give it to you.
Call me! Also call me if you have any questions about me
or why I’m running.

Since I’m sending this anyway, I’ll say this: I base my opinion
of what to do about I70 on a long conversation I’ve had with
one of the other candidates who has studied it carefully.

Yes, Tom, you are right. We have to be careful Denver doesn’t
become a mega-Aspen, any more than it already has.

But why not make it a goal that every kid in Denver Public Schools
learn how to ski? Also important they go to the symphony. These
are not just activities for the rich, anymore than subscribing to the
Denver Post is just for he elite. These are activities that can be used
to bring us together as a Denver community.


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