Friday, July 17, 2009

Donald Trump goes MLM.

Donald Trump, whom many Americans associate with good entrepreneurial
judgment, is now urging people to become distributors in a multilevel
marketing company called The Trump Network. In a video on the
company's Web site, Trump states that his plan is "designed to lead
millions of Americans to better health and financial independence." The company, operating since 1997 as
Ideal Health, was renamed The Trump Network several months ago when
Trump partnered with the founders. Its flagship product is a
"customized" dietary supplement said to be based on the results of a
urine hormone test called the PrivaTest. In 2004, Quackwatch
criticized the test and many of the company's health claims and noted
that the FTC had received seven complaints from people who lost from
$5,000 to $25,000 by investing in questionable television advertising
programs. [Barrett S. Ideal Health's PrivaTest: Another scheme to
sell you something. Quackwatch, Nov 19, 2004]
It will be interesting to see whether Trump's involvement triggers
media and regulatory attention to any wrongdoing.

From Consumer Health Digest

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