Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Mid-Year!

To: My family, friends, and associates.
(If you're not, and if you got this directly from me, return
this email with "cancel" and I'll take you off my list.)

From: John Wren

We're over the hump for 2009!

And I know the best is yet to come!

Here's how things have been going for me,
and what my intentions are for the next 6 months:
(click on any item for more information)

Denver IDEA Cafe:
We've had some great speakers & brainstorming sessions!

Attendance is good most weeks, since we're the oldest and one
of the largest groups in Denver. Contact me if you'd
be willing to share your startup experience some Friday. We
now announce speakers for the week each Wednesday.

Denver Socrates Cafe
We've added a talking stick to the format, has been a real
improvement. Good discussion each week. Lou, Walt, John,
Dmitri and others have shared the leadership role, a new group
has spun off recently, and the Friday night group continues.

Denver Speakers Corner
Loyal core group including Barb, Keith, George, Sal, and a few
others show up each week, others drop in from time to time and
there are usually a few passers-by who join in each week. We
are going to start attending Denver City Council Meetings at
least once a month and encouraging their participation.

Franklin Circle Denver Open:
This is just getting started, it's a group with no commitment, to
give newcomers a sample of the Franklin Circle format. Join us
any Friday, right after the IDEA Cafe.

Franklin Circle Omega Group
I'm calling this the Omega group because it is the last Franklin
Circle I will ever personally lead. This is a Franklin Circle of
Franklin Circle leaders, we intend to have 10 new groups of 10
going by 2010. Let me know if you might like to join this group
(we'll meet Thursdays for lunch) or if you might like to join one
of the 10 new free or tuition-based groups that will be forming.

Joining and/or starting a new Franklin Circle can be a great way for
you to find new clients/friends, maximize what you are learning from
your experience, and to have fun doing it! For an invitation to a
meeting, contact me via return email or at (303)861-1447.

I'm going to focus entirely on helping to start new Franklin Circles.

In 2010 it is my intention to take what we are doing here in Denver
to other states. If you'd be willing to help, I'd love to talk with you.

I cannot do this alone.

Together, I believe that we can have a real impact and strengthen
the grassroots in both business and politics.

Together let's make the rest of 2009 the best of 2009!

Contact me now, and let's set a time to talk about how we can
help each other over the next few months. Contact me via
return email or (303)861-1447.

I look forward to working with you.


John S. Wren, MBA+
Life's short, start now!

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