Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I just got this email from my friend Scott Heiferman. Scott is the founder of Meetup.com, we've had lunch here in Denver a couple of times:

Gotta share this inspiring Meetup news -- I was invited to visit the White House and met President Obama a few days ago.

Maybe you'll be inspired hearing what it was about...

The President gave a speech about the importance of "community solutions" --- and I was invited to be there because so many of your Meetups are examples of people coming together to solve problems -- big and small.

Here's a 2-minute (sort of covert) video I made for you while I was there!


The President said "the best solutions don't come from the top-down... Solutions to America's challenges are being developed every day at the grassroots." And when he said that, I thought of you -- almost 50,000 Meetup Organizers, with millions of people in your Meetup Groups -- creating real communities and solving real problems in people's lives.

Sometimes it's hard being a Meetup Organizer. But it's worth it when you think of the enormous potential of your Meetups -- and the Meetup Groups yet to be started. What's possible for the future of your Meetup?


--Scott Heiferman
Meetup Co-Founder & Chief Organizer

PS. If you use Twitter, follow @Meetup!

I've started following Scott on Twitter, how about you?

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