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Monday, May 03, 2010

Denver Post online was down yesterday. So I couldn't post this comment on Dan Haley's interesting column about Jason Clark, an Unaffiliated candidate for Governor, until today:

Who cannot like the spirit of people like Jason Clark.

My fear is potentially good representatives like Clark will become disillusioned.

The best chance people like Jason have of winning elections and serving in office is to become involved through the wonderful Colorado Caucuses system we still have, but which is so little used.

Why so little participation in the system that gives people like Jason the best chance of winning and serving? There is almost a total absence of good civic education today.

I did a little for the 2010 Colorado Caucuses and plan to expand the effort in 2012. See

I need your help in this independent effort in civic education to strengthen our (potentially) wonderful grassroots system we have in Colorado. If you'd like to know more, contact me at or (303)861-1447

Unaffiliated and 3rd party candidates potentially will play a big part in the elections next November. Few will win, but many may throw the election to the candidate who they would LEAST like to win. A much better use of time would be to pick a political party and get involved, or join me in my Colorado Caucuses 2012 effort to get more good people involved in our wonderful caucus-assembly system for nominating to the primary ballot and to thereby get better party leadership and better candidates.

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