Thursday, January 09, 2014

Is small the new big thing?

John McLaughlin on his McLaughlin Report last Friday made his New Year's prediction for the year ahead, as he always does.

The prediction this year: Small is the new big thing. Countries are breaking up, USSR is now 15 countries, etc. etc. And within countries tribes are forming.

Tradition does not accommodate this, as Nobel economist Edmund Phelps discusses in his new book Mass Flourishing. Did you get a chance to watch the SPECIAL REPORT The Startup Show with him I posted here yesterday?

Here's a graphic illustration, using Google's very interesting new tool nGram:

Tradition, the way things have always been done is hard to overcome. To me it seems that was one of the primary messages of the carpenter 2000 years ago. He planted seeds that have resulted in this, socialism, a move beyond the tribal way of living that had evolved to the feudal system, even more oppressive, then the merchentile form of socialism, and now the sudden surge in the grassroots,it seems to me, what do you think?:

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