Saturday, January 27, 2007

Denver voters need to fill out their ballots on 1A and return them by
January 30 to one of the locations listed on the ballot.

I'll be voting yes, because I think the change is an important first step
towards better elections in Colorado. The Rocky Mountain News agrees:
Paste and copy to your browser:,2777,DRMN_23964_5299158,00.html

Here's my letter to the Denver Post refuting the lies that are being told
by political insiders, the power elite who want to maintain the status quo:

I understand the mayor is very upset that it looks like 1A has a good chance of passing, it will greatly undermine his powers to have an elected rather than appointed clerk & recorder on his cabinet & running the elections. Bad for Mayor J-Hic, good for the grassroots in my opinion.

Please vote if you haven't already and encourage your Denver friends to do the
same by forwarding this email along. Thanks!

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