Friday, January 19, 2007

Vote Yes in Denver

I emailed this out to my online friends last night:

My friend Dennis Gallagher called me tonight,
urging a yes vote on the question now before
we Denver voters regarding a change to an
elected clerk & recorder who will be in charge
of future elections, instead of the 3 person
election commission we have now.

Dennis says this will give us some accountability,
and that we should vote yes in spite of the fact that
the Denver political establishment has joined ranks
against the change.

I agree with Dennis. If you live in Denver, please vote
yes and encourage your Denver friends to do the same.

It is clear that what we have now just doesn't work.
Too many chefs spoil the soup!


This morning a couple of friends emailed me that the
change would not really fix the problem, which is true.
I sent this email in response to one of them, who is
also a friend of Bill W.:

You raise good points. This whole mess shows once again
that our system of government is the worst except for all the rest!

The proposal seems to me to be progress, but certainly it is not
perfection! May be just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic,
but given the choices of yes, no or trash my ballot, seems to me
the best choice is yes.

Life is not easy, is it. Let's keep doing the little we can each day to
try and be helpful, trusting that with God's help it is enough!

I'm still at York Street, really need to rotate out of the job. Do you know
anyone who might like to take it on?

Very good to get your email, how about coffee to catch up sometime?


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