Saturday, January 20, 2007

Vote Yes on Charter Change

Denver voters are being asked to eliminate the 3-person Denver Election Commision and create a new elected Clerk & Recorder who will oversee elections.

The arguments against the change just don't make sense.

Does it increase the power of the mayor? No. It does just the opposite. It creates a powerful watchdog who will be a check on the mayor's negligence that we saw last fall.

Is it unfair to the minority party? No. It will not be any harder for the minority party to elect a Clerk & Recorder than it is now to elect an Election Commission member.

Should we vote no because this change will not directly effect the problems with last fall's election disaster? No, this is just a first step towards fixing the problems for the 2008 elections.

When I was studying for my MBA at the University of Denver, I was taught the management principle called "unity of command". Oversight of the elections is a management job, and one person will do a better job than three. Too many cooks spoil the soup.

Vote yes and encourage your friends and neighbors in Denver who care about better elections to do the same.

John Wren
960 Grant Street #727
Denver, CO 80203

I just sent this letter to Denver newspapers.

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