Friday, June 02, 2017

Are you happy? #2

Why I fight for the grassroots.
Or maybe a better headline would be "DO YOU want to be happy? #2"

It occurs to me that to understand what happened next with me and George (see yesterday's post) you need a little bit of background about me. Even if you are in my family there are things you probably don’t know.

First, I believe this little book about startup was divinely inspired. It’s been selling online ever since it first came out and I’ve never had a negative review. Check it out: click or copy and paste into your browser: 

Did you have a chance to read yesterday's post? I’m not sure why there were no comments, according to Google it was downloaded over 100 times. Did you see it? I hope you'll share it and this post with any of your friends who are starting in a new direction with their work or who want to make a career change.

I’ll talk more about my background, how my little book came into being, and what all this has to do with happiness on today’s Startup Show. Link to it here at Noon MST (2 p.m. Eastern) or you can watch live or by recording via the same link.

Your positive comments, including constructive criticism, are welcome below:

If you are in Denver now or if you will be soon, join me at one of our Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc's free, live meetings (click here.) No rsvp is ever required, but if you do we will save a seat for you until the start of the meeting. If you have a question about them or anything I post here, call me ok? John Wren (720)495-4949

See you back here tomorrow?

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