Friday, June 09, 2017

Want to start in a new direction?

Adults learn best by being the teacher. "See one. Do one. Teach one."

Socratic Startup Groups: 

Weekly 90-minute peer-led sessions. People with similar backgrounds starting in a new direction with their career.

Week 1:

You are OK now: Start where you are.

Week 2:

Heros: Lessons in living.

Week 3:

Higher Power: Spiritual living.

Week 4:

Proceeding: What’s next?

Agenda for each meeting:

Introductions/Where are you now? 
Reading from book group has selected. 
Final words/What has changed?

Ask us for an invitation to a free information session, usually held on a Friday afternoon near you, or apply online now to be group facilitator or new student:

Wren College for 
Social Learning.
New groups forming now. 


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Media Release: Magna Carta Day in Denver

Denver Magna Carta Park: Media Release: Magna Carta Day in Denver: Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. 1881 Buchtel Blvd. #510 Denver, CO 80210 Twitter: @IDEACafe Facebo...

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Denver Magna Carta Park: Invitation for Celebrity Speakers. PLEASE SHARE!

Denver Magna Carta Park: Invitation for Celebrity Speakers. PLEASE SHARE!: OPEN MICROPHONE. We will invite whoever wants to speak at an open microphone. Signup list will open at 11:30 a.m., celebrity speakers will ...

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Which is it, go or look?

Which is it, go or look?

When an idea for doing something new crops up are we best off if we “Just do it?” or should we “Look before you leap.”

Which has worked or not worked for you?

Topic right now online, to be part of it Tweet with #IDEACafeChat #StartFinish

The video posted this morning from Entrepreneur Magazine on suggests the best way to start is to just do something, whatever it is that will get you moving.

“Just Start,” as described in this video and in more depth in the Harvard Business Review Press book published with this as it’s central theme, can be powerful. 

Amar Bhide’s findings from research with Inc 500 founders and then published by Oxford Press (“The Origin and Evolution of New Businesses) strongly make the case for not writing a business plan, not doing market research, not raising money, but rather to do what you can with what you have to get underway quickly with a new business idea.

Cynics point out, Bhide’s research is biased because it only takes into account the survivors of the “leap before you look” approach.

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a book review headlined “Cold, Doomed, Hungry;” it reviews the new book “The Best Land Under Heaven,” the tragic story of the Donner family migration to California from Illinois. I suggest you read it, I'm about to post a link to it on our 

The Donner brothers George and Jacob had read the then popular new book, “Emigrants’ Guide to Oregon and California” and they took their families on a new route described as much faster and safer. and they stuck with it despite the warning of mountain man James Clyman.

Let’s discuss the philosophy of start and finish. 

Right now you can Tweet your comment with #IDEACafe #StartFinish to be part of today’s online conversation. If you are in metro-Denver today or later this week join us this evening (Tue, 6/6) at Trinity Church, Friday at LoDo Panera, or Saturday at the University of Denver where I’ll be suggesting this as the topic. More info about these Socrates Cafe meetings and optional rsvp at 

No video session of our IDEA Cafe Chat again today. Hopefully it will get underway soon. First we want to finish a conversation with a mountain man…

John Wren


Monday, June 05, 2017

Who do you trust? SBCC Method-Practices of: Imagine, Think, Learn to; Start, Grow, and Flourish. +++: Claire Martin writesin the Denver Post this mornin...: Claire Martin writes in the Denver Post this morning about the passing of Bonnie Brae Tavern’s Hank Dire (click here) and the restaurant ...

Happy birthday, Mike! Hope you'll be with us live here soon at 1881. Just take a minute and click on  , then rsvp on the IDEA Cafe Chat date that would work best for you, ok?