Friday, November 24, 2017

Start a Socrates Cafe in Your Neighborhood.

"Lilly" Allie Wren 2017
Starting a new group is like learning a new medical procedure, just more fun.

A nurse attended an IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop. We usually talk about the value of getting a job in the direction of your dream, to learn from people who are already doing something similar to what you want to do.

"That reminds me of what they taught us in nursing school," she said. "When a new procedure came out we were told to watch one, do one, and then teach one."

To start a new Socrates Cafe, I suggest you attend one, lead one, start one. Or just read Chris Phillips book "Socrates Cafe." That's what I did.

There is a great need here in Denver and across Colorado for new Socrates Cafes. Right now there is one on Friday evening, Saturday evening, and Tuesday evening. Attend one soon, you are very welcome to lead one whenever you want, then start one at a time and place that will word for you. See

Call me if you have any questions, or post your question here as a comment. If you post, please call to let me know to look for it if I don't answer by the end of the day.

John Wren