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Monday, February 20, 2023

History of the May Company. How many ChatGPT errors can you spot?

John Scott Wren, Business Analyst and Consultant 
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 I was a business analyst for the George S. May Company toward the end of its existence. They gave me two assignments each week almost always each Monday and Thursday mornings, almost always involving two airplane flights. 

My job was to 1) interview key people, 2) observe operations, 3) conduct a confidential survey of all employees and meet with those who wanted to talk with me confidentially, 4) trace the use of all written forms, validate the bookkeeping and financial records, 5) do a competitive analysis, 6) identify the key problems, and then 7) to present the company with a proposal and get the go-ahead for what needed to be done, usually starting immediately on Tuesday or Wednesday, and on Friday or Saturday, flying in the two best May consultants for implementing the plan. 

 My question is below, the ChatGPT response that was almost immediately given to me is below, those of you who know the May Company, what errors do you spot? 

Question: “Tell me the history of The George S. May Company from the very first clients to the final bankruptcy. Who were its major clients, and how did it use golf to build it's business?” 

 ChatGPT Response: The George S. May Company was a management consulting firm founded in 1925 by George S. May in Chicago, Illinois. The company started as a small business that provided management advice to local businesses. May's early clients were small and mid-sized businesses, primarily in the Chicago area. However, the company grew rapidly and expanded its reach beyond Chicago in the 1930s. 

By the 1940s, the George S. May Company had become one of the largest management consulting firms in the United States, with clients spanning multiple industries and regions. Some of the company's major clients included Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, and Sears, Roebuck & Co. The George S. May Company was known for its expertise in cost reduction, process improvement, and organizational restructuring. 

 In the 1950s, the George S. May Company began to use golf as a marketing tool to attract new clients. George May was an avid golfer and believed that the sport could help build relationships with potential clients. The company would host golf tournaments and other golf-related events, inviting business leaders to participate and network with the company's consultants. 

 However, the George S. May Company's fortunes began to decline in the 1970s. The company had become heavily dependent on a single client, Holiday Inns, which accounted for a significant portion of its revenue. When Holiday Inns reduced its consulting needs, the George S. May Company suffered a major blow. In 2009, the George S. May Company filed for bankruptcy, citing financial difficulties caused by the economic recession. The company was eventually acquired by another management consulting firm, but its name and legacy have faded from the business world.


  1. I can't seem to keep the punctuation and spacing in the ChatGPT text. Tried in "Notes" and "Pages", might work better in non-MAC.

  2. Works now. Make a comment about ChatGPT and/or George S May Company, request the secret, and I'll get it back to you.


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