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Saturday, February 04, 2023

The Rest of the Story...

LAST WEEKEND 1881. If each life is a story told by God, which I believe is true, it will be interesting to see how my story ends here on the Internet. I don't intend the time I have left to be wasted. Rather than an effort to understand and correct this chart or some other scheme that have attracted me, going back to Alan Lakin's 1973 with his "How to Control Your Time and Your Life," book after book, recently James Clear's Atomic Habits," the many, many books I've already read are eventually just a complete and total waste of time or worse. For more now about the story of my life now back to 2004, see what I've posted on, where you can get a look at what resulted from my alcoholic and executive function disordered life from September 2 or 3, I seem to always get it wrong, 1967 and ended January 9, 1990. My focus here now will be what may be the final meetings of the Socrates Cafe Society. Free and open to all, you are a member if you say you are. See you this evening or tomorrow? More about it on Questions? Call (303)861-1447

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