Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Business Report - Young men are turning to crime, not own projects: "the development of entrepreneurs had been made more difficult by inadequate educational systems, low growth and the endless bureaucratic red tape facing any would-be business.

Orford said that only 35 percent of men under 45 years old believed that they could start their own business, which was just over half the average for other developing countries. This was often because they had few, if any, role models in their own communities who could help them learn through observation.

Only about 41 percent had completed secondary education, even though this alone was not enough to help them set up businesses because of the content and quality of the education.

This highlighted the need for programmes for young men who had fallen out of the formal education system, to provide them with skills, restore their self-esteem, and willingness and/or ability to seek work."

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