Tuesday, July 13, 2004

John--Please Post

I'm looking at the Republican candidates. One is a valued businessman who while in his senior years is choosing to run for the United States Senate. Another with extensive government experience at the Colorado State Senate as well as the United States House is choosing to run for the same seat. What is the deciding factor?

Well one is age. While that may be taboo, look at it this way:

The power in the Senate is in the chairperson positions. As Senators gain seniority in the Senate, they are assigned and later choose which committees to sit on and in some cases which committees to chair. These chairpersonships, in the past have gone to Eastern or Southern Senators; they have affected the laws and regulations associated with the Western States. However, now as these Eastern and Southern Senators begin to retire, there is an opportunity for Colorado Senators to gain more powerful positions in committees.

One candidate, if elected, could serve three terms in the Senate and still be under 60 years of age. Only one of our republican candidates can serve multiple six year terms and still be under 60. Yes, that man is Bob Schaffer and that is who I’m going to vote for.

Art Onweller
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