Saturday, July 17, 2004

Rocky Mountain News: Columnists: "Armstrong conceded he supports Schaffer but 'I'm not involved in his campaign and not an officer.
'I had to go to Bob and (manager) Pat (Fiske) and tell them I didn't want them to tell me anything about their plans for the campaign in terms of message or media or strategy or polling or anything like that,' Armstrong said.
You retain certain First Amendment rights under McCain-Feingold, he added, 'but those rights evaporate if you're knowledgeable about those things.'
He makes no bones about his unhappiness with the law. 'I personally think it's a terrible situation that, in order to exercise the same rights that people have exercised back to the Federalist Papers, you have to cut yourself off from the cause you're trying to express an interest in,' Armstrong said. "

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