Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I just posted this on Guy Kawasaki’s website in response to his interview with Seth Godin about his new book The Dip:

Dear Guy,

"Pain is the touchstone of all spiritual growth." Bill Wilson 12X12

Have you taken a look at Amar Bhide's Origin & Evolution of New Enterprize? www.bhide.net

The publisher of Inc. Magazine has called it the most important book ever written about start-up. Bhide's has sent his students to take a look at how successful businesses actually got started.

What he has found is that they don't spend resources trying to figure out the future.

Looking back, we can see the dip in almost every startup. If we could plot it in advance, we would have a planned economy rather than a free-market economy.

Seems to me the dip is descriptive, not prescriptive. And just as most boxers come from the gutter, most new enterprises start from pain.

John Wren

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