Sunday, April 01, 2007

I just sent out this email to a few of my friends:

(Please forward to anyone who might be interested
in helping me decide what to do next that will be helpful to
the Denver GOP, OK? Ask them to send me their
thumbs up or thumbs down on going ahead with
this. Thanks! John)

Did you see this on p 4E in today's Denver Post?
Entire column by Fred Brown devoted to the
Anyone but J-Hic idea:

My barber has committed to running. He figures he
can get about 400 votes from his customers.

If Everyone Runs for Mayor we might be able to
force a run-off. There will be no extra expense because
there is going to be a run-off anyway for many of the
city council seats where there are more than two

Seems to me this could really energize the GOP in
Denver. Which District Captain can get the most votes
from his or her District? How many votes can Mary Smith
get? Will a very substantial candidate emerge we can
all get behind? What a great way to get all the precinct
and block worker positions filled by May 1.

What's our best next step?

Here's my idea:

I'm going to invite the Mayor to a news conference next
Wednesday or Thursday at the State Capitol where we
will announce a series of weekly forums. Everyone running
as a write-in candidate will be given 2 minutes of time at
the mike, and a table where he or she can distribute literature
and/or talk with people. The Mayor will be given the final word,
as much time as he wants to respond to what he has heard.

Here's my questions to you:

1) If the Mayor agrees to do it, would you attend the news conference?

2) Should I invite Mike Rosen to MC?

3) Is this the best next step, or should I put my energy into something else
in your opinion? If something else, what?

Thanks very, very much for your feedback.


de gustibus non est disputandum"
In matters of taste there is no disputing."

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