Monday, April 21, 2008

On this day in 1962 the Seattle World’s Fair opened, and I was there. It was spring break, I was a sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High here in Denver and had been cut from the baseball team, so going on a vacation with my family was no problem. We were there on the first day, got in the line we thought stretched around the corner to the entrance. After the line failed to move, the 20 or 30 of us found we’d just lined up behind a guy leaning against the wall reading a newspaper! My brother Randy and I went up the stairs to the top of the Space Needle, only to discover we couldn’t get through the locked door and we had to go back down. Recently I revisited with my youngest daughter, who now lives near Seattle.

I was a biology lab assistant for me Mr. Keebler. When I complained before the trip about the anticipated crowds, he said, “the crowds are part of the fun,” which may have been the most important lesson I learned in high school.

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