Monday, April 14, 2008

Today in 1935, known as "Black Sunday", twenty of the worst "Black Blizzards" occurred throughout the Dust Bowl, causing extensive damage, turning the day to night. Witnesses reported that they could not see five feet in front of them at certain points. Four years later on this same day in 1939 John Steinbeck published The Grapes of Wrath about the Dust Bowl and the migration to California that it caused.

Don’t spend another dime on medical care until you’ve read this!Stephen Barrett, M.D. a retired physician, has written a text book on health care for the consumer, and he maintains websites to expose medical fraud where he has just published a very interesting report about how to spot medical fraud.

My research has found that the three biggest problems with medical fraud are: 1) seniors and others on limited income spend money of things that are worthless rather than care (such as an adequate diet including fresh vegetables and fruit) that would really help them; 2) people loose valuable time and good treatment comes too late to help; and 3) purchases fund the engine of fraud that lures people into the clutches of the medical fraud killers, manufactures, distributors, retailers, practitioners, and writers and advisors of all kinds .

I’ve asked medical doctors why they don’t speak up against the frauds that are becoming so prevalent in our supermarkets and other channels of retail distribution. They tell me it’s because the big lie is so dominate in our society that it would kill their practice to stand up to it.

As the run away train of medical deception was picking up steam in the 70s, and had me it it's clutches as a good health true believer, I had the great privilege of spending a year of my life researching vitamin supplements. I met Linus Pauling, the great advocate of vitamin C, and met the people behind Rodale Press’s Prevention Magazine. We did a statistically valid telephone survey of consumers asking them why they did or did not take vitamin supplements, and found no one had a very good reason for their decision. That’s why we are all such easy prey for the weapons of massive medical malpractice. I hope people will read Dr. Barrett’s Consumer Health: A guide for Intelligent Decisions and encourage every school and library to put a copy in it’s collection.

Religious faith and when life begins is becoming part of the Democrat's debate as we try to choose a presidential candidate.

I’d like to see someone ask if either Clinton or Obama has read Kristen Day’s wonderful book Democrats for Life. She heads the organization Democrats for Life that carries the same name. I’m a member and have gotten to know Kristen on the DFL steering committee for our DNC convention that will be here in Denver next August.

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